What do frogs look like?

Most frogs are green or brown, but some have colorful markings. They all have large hind legs, short front legs, a flat head and body with no neck, and no tail. Frogs have thin, moist skin and about 1-4 inches long
  1. frogs are usally green
  2. brown spotted
  3. webbed feet
  4. long tongue
  5. and say ribbet
  6. now if you see something that looks like this
  7. take a photo of it
  8. and keep it as a pet (name it)
  9. oh and hang the photo on a wall
  10. bye bye for now

They Look Like:
Smooth, green or brown skin with dark markings. Pointed heads. Back legs are longer than front ones. About 1-4 inches long, they are also cold-blooded!! :P