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predict what a person would or could look like inside and out,and genes can tell a cell how to make proteins. Roughly speaking, each gene is a set of instructions for making one specific protein.

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Are polygenic genes dominant genes?

Polygenic genes are usually dominant genes.

Are the fathers genes always the dominant genes?

No - the father's genes are not always the dominant genes.

What are defective genes?

defective genes are genes that are defective

What is it called when genes that cover up or mask recessive genes?

genes whose expression masks recessive genes are called dominant genes.

Genes that block expression of other genes?

Dominate genes.

What does DNA have to do with who you are?

It includes your genes, your parents genes, and your ancesters genes,

How do you get her or his genes?

After you are married you can get his or her genes.

What is the difference between chromosomes and genes?

DNA is in genes, and genes are in chromosomes.

What are the genes that keep other genes from showing their traits?

Dominant Genes

How can genes cause a disease?

genes causes diseases by faulty genes

Does prokaryotes have genes?

Of course they have genes. They need genes for survival and reproduction.

How do dominant genes affect recessive genes?

The dominant genes take over, and then the recessive genes hide away

Are animals genes anything like human genes?

human genes are animal genes because humans are animals

Are genes located on the autosomal called sex linked genes?

No, genes located on the autosomes are not called sex linked genes. Only genes located on the sex chromosomes are called sex linked genes.

How are DNA and genes related to chromosomes?

Genes make up chromosomes. Genes have DNA in them and genes have different spots on a chromosome.

Which genes are dominant and which are recessive?

Dominant genes are always expressed in preference to recessive genes in cased where both genes are present.

What are capital genes?

capital genes are dominant genes as they are written by capital letters

What makes up your genes?

ur genes come from ur parents' genes

What kind of factors are caused by genes?

Genes produce proteins and what we are is determined by genes.

What is a scientic word for genes?


What is Best analogy for what genes do?

What do genes do

Are chromosomes found on genes?

Genes are located on chromosomes and not chromosomes are located on genes. genes are the basic unit of inheritance and they resides on chromosomes.

What are essential genes and non essential genes?

Essential genes are genes that are indispensable to support cellular life. These genes constitute a minimal gene set required for a living cell. Nonessential genes are the opposite. The cell can still live without them.

If you manage to mix Avian Genes with our genes what are some side effects?

If you were to mix our genes with avian genes, we will most likey burn and die

What are Genes in a gene pair that blend together?

They are the genes from the male and female genes , or the X and Y chromosomes. The dominate genes is featured in the offspring.

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