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The giant silk moths do not eat after they come out of their cocoon. They do not have any working mouth parts.

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What insects do moths eat?

Moths do not eat any insects! they eat silk only!

What do giant silk moths look like?

brown with two fake eyes

Do moths eat silk?

Clothes moths are well-known as pests of stored woolens, but they will eat a wide range of other fibers including hair, fur, silk, felt and feathers.

What does a golden silk spider eat?

golden silk spiders eat: flies wasp bees small moths and butterflies

What do silk moths eat and drink?

They eat mulberry leaves and drink water or dew.

What is the difference between a moth and a silk moth?

"Silk moth" can either refer to Bombyx mori, the species used in the commercial production of silk, or any moth in the family Saturniidae (giant silk moths). Both of these are types of moths. Bombyx mori is a medium-sized white moth with large feathery antennae that was native to China and east Asia. Saturniidae, commonly called "giant silk moths" are a very diverse group of moths found throughout the world. They tend to be large moths with gaudy colors whose caterpillars spin thick silken cocoons. The silk of Saturniidae has not been successfully used for commercial purposes.

Do silkworm moths eat?

Yes, they usually eat types of leaves from trees, try experimenting with different kinds The silk worm larvae eat mulberry leaves but the moths like most moths eat nothing at all. Some moths will drink nectar.

Does moths eat mohair?

Yes, clothing moths love to eat through wool and mohair. They also like to eat through other natural fibers such as cotton and silk.

Can adult silk moths fly?

If by silk moth you mean Bombyx mori, the moth used to produce silk commercially, then no. If you mean the Saturniid moths, often called "silk moths" colloquially, then yes.

How many silk moths are found in India?

25 varities of silk moths are found in india

What kind of fabrics do moths eat?

Moth are known to eat wool, hair, fur, silk, feathers and felt.

How many Varieties of silk moths are found in India?

There are five varieties of silk moths found in India. These silk moths in India include the Muga, the Tasar, the Oak Tasar, the Eri, and the Muga.

Do silk moths produce silk?

Yes. Silk fibre comes from their cocoons.

What kind of a caterpillar is white?

Silkworms the caterpillar of the silk moths are white. They eat the leaves of mulberry trees.

Why different type of silk are obtained from different moths?

Moths do not produce silk. The silkworm produces silk. The pupa of the silk worm is killed before they turn into a moth so the silk that was produced inside can be removed.

Why are some moths called polyphemus?

Polyphemus Moths are a species of giant silkworm moths

What do moths eat and where do they stay?

Moths eat natural substances such as hair and they enjoy eating fabric such as wool and silk. They like to stay out of the light so I would say the basement or in between the folds of clothing and fabrics.

What kind of fabric do moths eat?

They lie to hide in the folds and eat wool, silk, carpet, natural fibers, mostly any type of fabric.

What do baby moths eat?

Baby moths eat wood and grown-up moths eat cotton

Do moths eat spiders?

No. Spiders eat moths.

How do Luna moths eat?

they do not eat because they have no moths

What is the rarest moth in the world?

One of the rarest moths in the world is the giant silk moth. Very few of this species have ever been found or seen in the wild.

What do tiger moths eat?

tiger moths ,(,like most moths ,adult moths) drink nectar ,baby moths eat clothes.

Do centipedes eat crickets?

Yes, they do. They eat roaches, moths, flies, anything that they can get their fangs on. Some of the giant centipedes also eat toads and pinky mice.

What does a giant dragon fly eat?

it eats smaller dragon flies, moths, bees, mosquitoes and other insects

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