Do moths eat spiders

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Yes, anything then can catch in their web really, moths, butterflies, wasps, flies...

the female spider may even eat the male spider...

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yes it does as i seen a spider eating a catipiller on me veranda while i was eating my tea

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No. Spiders eat moths.

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Q: Do moths eat spiders
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What do baby wolf spiders eat?

flys moths other spiders crikets grasshoppers

What do owl monkeys eat?

They eat fruit, flowers, leaves, moths, beetles, spiders and cicadas.

What is a moth's diet?

Moths eat nectar and other fluids. Bats, birds and spiders eat moths

Does iguanas eat bugs?

crickets, moths, beetles, spiders, most insects...

What does a Hooded Warbler eat?

Hooded warblers are insectivores, meaning they eat insects. This includes, but is not limited to, arthropods such as flies, ants, wasps, moths, moths' larvae, caddisflies, spiders, and beetles.

What does a golden silk spider eat?

golden silk spiders eat: flies wasp bees small moths and butterflies

What does ray spiders eat?

Rain spiders are an arboreal type of spider, sometimes considered to be tarantula.. They prey on insects such as moths, cockroaches and crickets. Also the larger spiders will eat geckos and lizards.

What does afrill neck lizard eat?

They eat a variety of food - including:- Beetles, moths, caterpillars, spiders, other lizards and small mammals.

Why do spiders eat male moths?

Because felmale tastes yucky i thing though im not going to try

What animals eat moths?

ANSWER:Bats, birds, insects like spiders and preying mantis' as well as frogs, lizards and toads.

Do spiders eat ground beetles?

Well, Spiders tend to eat anything that gets caught in their web, but obviously they would take care to not eat the stingers. To spiders, anything that lands in their web is classed as 'food'.

What do chorus frogs eat?

It Eats flies, beetles, moths, caterpillars, leaf hoppers, spiders, centipedes and even millipedes.