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giraffes like eating leaves. their favorite leaves are those from the acacia tree

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What do Rothschilds giraffe Masai giraffe Reticulated giraffe Thornicorts giraffe Kordofan giraffe Angolan giraffe and Southern giraffe look like?

It seems incredible, but they look like giraffes.

What does male giraffe look like?

The male giraffe looks like the female giraffe but some differences.

What animal looks like a giraffe?

a giraffe. :I

What does female giraffe look like?

The female giraffe looks like the male giraffe but only a little differences.

How do you describe what a giraffe looks like?

look at the giraffe

What is an okapi giraffe?

well a okapi giraffe looks like a horse and a zebra but its is related to a giraffe. its is between a giraffe and a zebra

What does the skeleton of a giraffe look like?

Like a giraffe...that hasn't eaten in a few years...

What is a giraffe beetle?

It is a beetle with a long neck like a giraffe?

What looks like a short neck giraffe?

a baby giraffe :)

What do you call a giraffe in Punjabi?

you write giraffe in punjabi just like english but diffrent letters

What does a baby giraffe look like?

A smaller grown up giraffe.

Is there fertilization in giraffe?

Like all mammals the male giraffe copulates with the female giraffe and fertilizes her ovum which becomes a baby giraffe inside her and she will give birth to a live baby. It is exactly like human beings.

How do you use the word giraffe in a sentence?

I like giraffes because of their long necks

How do pronounce g after e g like girl or j like giraffe?

It is a soft 'g' sound, like the 'g' in 'giraffe'.

What does the seahorses look like?

It depends on what type of seahorse it is. If its a giraffe seahorse then it should look kinda like a giraffe.

What giraffe like land animal begins with an O?

The okapi is like the giraffe. It has a long neck and large ears.

What is the shelter like for a giraffe?

A shelter for a giraffe is like a house for us just made out of leaves or a damp cave.

Is a giraffe vertebrate or invertebrate?

Yes! A Giraffe has a long, stretchable spine, like a snake!!

Does Giraffe look like zebra?


What does a giraffe smell like?


How do you call the baby of giraffe?

A baby giraffe is called a calf just like a baby cow.

Does a giraffe hatch from an egg or is born alive?

Like 99% of mammals, a giraffe is born alive.

What is the name of the baby giraffe?

The baby giraffe is called a calf. As to propose that the male giraffe is called a bull and the female giraffe is called a cow. It is like the cow family. Ha ha ha!

Does a giraffe lay live young or in an egg?

Giraffe is a mammal. Just like any other mammal, giraffe also give birth to a baby.

What looks like a giraffe with stripes on legs?

The okapi is a member of the giraffe family with distinctive stripes on its legs. Its head resembles that of a giraffe, but it does not have the giraffe's long neck.

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