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Well, I'm a girl and what me and my friends like in boys is that they're sweet, kind, and act like they're into you. If a boy doesn't like your friends or just wants you alone ALL the time, that can get annoying and end in tears because we need to be alone sometimes. Girls like to be alone with their boyfriends but to be honest we girls all kind of want to show off our boyfriends a bit. And believe me DO NOT try to pressure girls into doing anything they don't want to because they HATE that or at least I do. I'm 12 so holding hands and snogging is good but no further than that because most girls are quite private especially in their early teens. Having a conversation with boys without looking stupid is very important and when girls feel stupid they often just give up and want to get away because girls get embarrassed so much easier than boys. Girls also like you being affectionate in public to show you're not embarrassed by them.

Also, if a girl is with you and no one is talking and they say something completely random that they wouldn't usually talk about or ask (like have you done the science homework?) then they're finding the silence awkward and are trying to make conversation with you so they might just like you as a friend or they might be flirting but one thing's for sure ... they like you.

So be kind, tell the girl they're pretty, be there when they're sad, hold their hand in front of people, give them some space when they want it, buy them some chocolate, look fit and cool, snog their face off and THEY WILL LOVE YOU!!


Yes. I am a girl typing this. Well I usually like when boys give me flowers or take me out somewhere. So try that. Anything that is sweet will do! That can work to but the question is what do girls like in boys? Well some of us like someone we can talk to -- it's not only based on looks it's also based on if he can treat you right or even have a conversion with you and know what you're talking about without looking dumb or something.


Girls like a guy who is caring and funny and also good looking to them. But if he's good looking and is really rude or mean and doesn't have a very good personality, he's not worth it. So he has to have a good personality and be able to treat you well.


A nice gentleman who does really nice stuff. And we're not necessarily looking for guys who are super hot either, just decent looking. Let your personality overgo your looks. And don't flirt too much, like just being obnoxious to the whole class in general to "impress the girls" because most of the time it's not impressive. It's funny at the time, but that's not the kind of guy I would look for to date. I don't take that kind of guy seriously.


I am a girl, and personally, i think that if a guy is what they described before me, you could learn to think he is cute. It's true, jerks aren't worth it. And if you're just going for a "hot girl" they are most likely gonna like the jerks because it fits. Hot goes with hot, especially in high school.


Okay, well I am a girl. I like boys who talk to me, the kind of boys that don't try to avoid the girls they like. I'm not really the romantic type. I like a boy who won't dress up all the time, or won't come to my house and bring me roses. But it depends on the girl, too.


The thing that I like so much about my boyfriend, is ... well, everything. He always says the right thing, even if he's not saying anything -- silence can speak louder than words. I like the way he looks at me, or holds my hand. Or tells me that I'm beautiful even when I don't feel that way. I like it how he takes the time to talk to me or pick me up. He's always there for me and listens to me, through my troubled times and joyous times. But one of thing that I like the most about him, is his relationship with God and how it is so evident that our relationship is not just between him and me, God is in the center of it all. And i can't wait to see where God takes us in this journey. So what I see in my boyfriend is much more than he will ever know.

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Q: What do girls like in boys?
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