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It all depends how you got the scars and i suppose how bad they are. As long as you tell the truth about how you got them there shouldn't be a problem. It all comes down to the "girl" if you have a nice personality it doesnt matter what you look like (that's in my eye's anyway) chin up darlin

Answerit all depends on how you show them and where they are. if you just for instance show her at the movies or a resteraunt then you ill not have a soda or drink and not a girl. the drink will be on your head and the girl will be out the door!


I am a girl, and I like scars, as long as they are not really deep. I like them even more if the guy got them in a good way.

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Q: What do girls think about body scars?
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Do girls really think scars are attractive?

It would depend on the girl. There is no answer for all girls.

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Do the majority of girls out there think scars are attractive?

If a girl considers a scar to be the difference between liking a man and not liking him, she's pretty shallow. Personally I don't think most girls care one way or another as long as the scar is not terribly disfiguring.AnswerScars, tattoos and piercings can be quite attractive. What's important is that the person who has them is a good, stable individual.If someone makes character judgments based only on physical appearance, they're not worth the trouble of dating.AnswerI personally think scars are very sexy. Each scar hides a story..No. but everyone thinks different

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