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They sleep on the bottom of the tank, in a hiding spot, or in a plant. Wake up before them and see where they sleep. All of mine have their own sleeping spot.

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Is the goldfish better in light or dark?

Goldfish need about 12 hours of each. Lights on during the day and lights off at night.

Is a goldfish healthier living among water plants or in clear water?

The goldfish will get more oxygen in the day, but at night, they will be competing for oxygen.

Do goldfish need light at night?

Of course not, They dont need light as much as we do!

Can a goldfish live over night in a bag?

No. The water is bad and the bag is to small.

Do goldfish need dark to sleep?

They usally stay up all night so no.

What time do you feed your new goldfish?

It does not matter, just once in the morning and once at night

Can Goldfish and Plecostomus live in the same tank?

Yes you can put Goldfish and Plecostomus together if the fish tank isn't overcrowded. If you feed this you have to make sure your tank has algae in it (which happens naturally) or feed them at night when all the goldfish are resting.

Can black moor fish sleep?

Black Moors are Goldfish. They do a thing similar to sleeping at night.

Do you feed goldfish once a week?

NO way. At LEAST once a day. preferably morning and night.

How much food should you feed 5 goldfish a day?

about 3 pinches morning and night

Will Crayfish eat goldfish in an aquarium?

Crayfish will sneak around and grab at goldfish and rip off bits and pieces. This usually happens when the goldfish are resting at night. They should not be kept with any species of fish if you want the fish to remain in one piece.

What are some of the breeds of goldfish?

Some common breeds of goldfish are: the Black Moor goldfish, the Ryunkin goldfish, the comet goldfish, the common goldfish, the Calico Fantail goldfish, the telescope eye goldfish, the bubble eye goldfish, the pearl scale goldfish and the Oranda goldfish.

Is it enough to give your fantail goldfish 3 granules at the morning and another 3 granules at night she is not very small or medium and she lives in a small bow?

we've got two goldfish just like you've described and were feeding them one pellet each, every day and night.

How long does a goldfishes filter need to be on for?

Goldfish filters need to be on all day and night. Goldfish are the messiest fish around so do NOT keep it in a bowl. Besides filters also help provide oxygen.

What is the collective noun for a group of goldfish?

Collective nouns for goldfish are:a troubling of goldfisha glint of goldfish

Can you put a frog in an aquarium with a goldfish?

No you cannot put a frog with goldfish; goldfish belong with goldfish

Do goldfish eat each other?

yes the goldfish can eat each other if you put the bigger goldfish with baby goldfish. i own goldfish i had experienced with when i had putted about 1inch goldfish with Adult 12Inch goldfish , and the adult ate it -.-

Do goldfish fight other smaller goldfish?

Yes the bigger goldfish can start to bully the smaller goldfish..

Is goldfish plural or singular?

Goldfish is both singular and plural - there are hundreds of goldfish in the pond - I have a goldfish in this jar.

What does it mean when a goldfish is silver?

Nothing. A goldfish is a goldfish, not a gold fish.

What is the plural noun for goldfish?

The plural of goldfish is goldfish. It is the same as the singular.

Can baby goldfish eat peas?

no,goldfish eats goldfish food.

Why are goldfish called goldfish?

They are called goldfish because they are gold and there fish.

How may legs does a goldfish have?

Goldfish do not have legs. Goldfish do have fins, although the number of fins will depend on the type of goldfish.

How do you identify a male and female goldfish?

The fin on the top of female goldfish would be bigger than that for the male goldfish. and there is a brown patch at the end of their ears for female goldfish, but not for male goldfish. goldfish have ears??

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