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play with goldfish mates, swim, hide, spash around, and eat.

fish are cool

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What does the female goldfish look like?

Like goldfish

Do goldfish like being alone?

to goldfish like being alone or accompanied

What does a fantail goldfish look like?

It is a goldfish with a big tail that looks like a fan?

Are goldfish amphibians?

No Goldfish, like their name suggests, are fish.

What type of water do goldfish like best?

Goldfish are freshwater fish, and they like cool water

What is a mind like a goldfish?

If someone says you have a mind like a goldfish, they are saying you have no mind at all.

Is a whale like a goldfish?

Im not sure depends what goldfish you are talking about.. Foodwise; yes a whale is like a cracker goldfish Fishwise; no what kind of question is that?!

Can goldfish wee?

All goldfish can, just like all mammals can.

Why does a certain person at school look like a goldfish?

because it is a goldfish stupid

Can goldfish eat raisins?

Yes, goldfish like to eat fruit and vegetables. I gave my goldfish a prawn one Christmas.

What plants DON'T goldfish eat?

There are a great many plants that goldfish will not eat. Goldfish will not eat plants like trees for example.

Are goldfish invertebates?

Goldfish have a backbone, like all fish, which does indeed make them invertabrates.

What do goldfish look like?

the goldfish looks like a golden fish and has large eyes.they are gold and sometimes small or large

Why are goldfish black?

Some goldfish are only black, like the black Moore goldfish. In other cases like a fantail or comet the color black just dominates the color gold.

Meaning of goldfish?

The scientific name for a goldfish is Carassius auratus. Carassius means 'carp like' ; Auratus means 'overlaid with gold'. A goldfish is a carp like fish overlaid with gold.

Like what do goldfish like to eat?

Food Food

Is a goldfish a vertebrate?

Yes it isyes, goldfish have backbones and therefore are vertebratesGoldfish have a spine, so are classed as a vertebrate.Yeah.Yes. Goldfish, like all fish, are vertebrates. They have a backbone, which is the characteristic shared by vertebrates.

What does ick look like on a goldfish?

It's also known as white spot disease, it looks like salt has been sprinkled on your goldfish. If you think your goldfish has it, take it to a vet as this disease can kill.

What fish food do goldfish eat?

Goldfish food. The person above me is just messing with you. Well yea...Goldfish do like goldfish food, but sinking goldfish pellets are best cuz flake can cause the goldfish to gulp air wich can create many problems.

Do goldfish like bananas?


Do fish make good pets?

It depends do you like goldfish. Can you remember to clean its tank and give it food. If you can then you probably like goldfish.

How do you identify a koi from a goldfish?

Koi have barbels on their bottom lips (whisker-like projections) and goldfish do not

What is a pearlscale goldfish?

They are a fancy goldfish (Carassius auratus). They were bred to have scales that look like pearls.

What does a male goldfish look like when it's carrying eggs?

Male goldfish do not carry eggs.

Are goldfish cartilaginous?

No goldfish aren't cartilaginous. However cartilaginous are like sharks, rays and skates.