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The grasses of their biome, and in the driest season, they browse on the trees.


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After the French president Jules Grevy

The mountain Zebra is classed as vunerable. Grevys are endangered

The grasslands of Ethiopia and northern Kenya

Enemies: Lions, Hyenas, Hunting Dogs, Leopards, and Cheetahs

The Cape Zebra was almost hunted to extinction, but some survive. Grevys Zebra in endangered. Plains Zebras are numerous, but are being reduced by hunting

Current estimates are that there are 750,000 Plains Zebra, approximately 2,500 Grevys Zebra, 600-700 Cape Mountain Zebra and 800-1300 Hartmann's Mountain Zebra remaining in the wild. Only the Plains Zebra remains off the endangered species list.

Yes you can as long as it's cooked. We can eat any kind of meat. Zebra is a mammal like a cow. If we can eat cow, we can eat zebra.

No you can not eat zebra!

it is a fact that the lion does eat the zebra. The zebra can't eat the lion because zebras are herbivores and the lion would attack the zebra if the zebra came charging at the lion

what does an zebra spiders eat

no zebras are vegatrains they only eat grass

The zebra muscles are to tough to eat, and they taste like duck. Don't ask me how I know, I just do ;)

they like grass. what did you think, do they eat meat?

They can but they usually eat mammals like zebra, horses, or cows.

zebra finches only eat seed

A lion can eat a zebra as well as a Lepared and a Vulture.

do zebra spiders eat insectsyes they do

A Zebra Mussel is a mollusk that can have a shell with stripes that resemble a zebra. Zebra Mussel's do mostly eat algae.

I would imagine that a zebra will eat most types of grass, although like most animals it probably has several favorites.

No, a zebra is a herbivore.

The fact that zebra eat grasses and do not eat meat.

Yes, they are "omnivores". That is, they eat EVERYthing.

Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula like other tarantula eat insects or feeders. Feeders might be cockroaches or crickets.

first of all its how much does a zebra eat? and they eat till they get full but not alot

lion and cheetah eat the zebra

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