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much like your standard hens' egg. If you find egg shaped objects in your guinea pig's fur, crack them, if they have a white and a yolk as per standard eggs, they're probably guinea pig lice eggs. (may i also recommend soft boiling them, with tiny toast soldiers)

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Q: What do guinea pig lice eggs look like?
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What is the symbiosis for lice living on a scalp?

There really are no symbols that you have lice, but what you can do is look through your hair and if you find eggs then you probably have lice.

How are lice born?

lice are insects. people who have lice comb their hair and little lice eggs/larvae get left on the comb. they wear a hat it gets stuck on the hat. when someone else uses the comb/hat, the eggs/larvae get left on their scalp, hatch, and reproduce

Can you hold your guinea pig if you have lice?

Human Head Lice and Guinea Pig lice are two different types. Humans aren't affected by Guinea Pig Lice and Guinea Pigs are the same for Human Head Lice. You are perfectly safe to hold you guinea pig :)

What does lice look like on a kitten?

only humans can get lice

How do you know if you have lice?

You may notice intense itching on the scalp, neck, or ears. Lice eggs (nits) may also be visible near the base of the hair shafts. Look for small, oval-shaped insects crawling in the hair as well. If you suspect lice infestation, consult a healthcare provider for proper diagnosis and treatment.

What do koi eggs look like?

What do koi eggs look like?

What do guinea pig lice look like?

if you look at the top of their head, where the "crown" is, there will usually be little bugs crawling around , if you see them then your little pally has lice and you should take him/her to a vet for medication to get rid of them.

What are water bugs that look like little stingrays?

The water bugs that resemble little stingrays are known as water boatmen. They have a flat, oval-shaped body with long, paddle-like hind legs that they use for swimming. Water boatmen are aquatic insects found in freshwater habitats and are known for their unique appearance.

How do you check for head lice?

You have to take strands of hair & look at your scalp. Head lice attach themselves & lay their eggs just a little away from your actual scalp & stay on strands of hair. You can check for the eggs, which will be white if hatched, & brown/gray for those that didn't. If they move easily when you brush it with your finger, it is not head lice. If it is hard to move, & stays in place, it is likely to be nits (the eggs).

What does cooked guinea pig look like?

Bruned guinea pigs and dead guinea pigs.

What do merpeople look lice?

Whatever you want them to look like, considering that they are fantasy creatures.

Do lice make your hair greasy?

suprisingly, no... i have found from personal experience that lice actually make your hair look better (not the bugs and the dandruff looking eggs) but the volume and style of your hair... some of my best hair days have been when I have lice (believe it or not!)