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What do guys do when they like you?

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depends on the age What about 20 and 30-year olds?

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Do guys like thick or thin girls?

Some guys like thick girls. Some guys like thin girls. Some guys like guys.

Do guys like other guys sperm?

The majority of guys do not like other guys semen. (sperm is what swims in your semen) Some guys who are not bisexual or gay might like semen in general. Not all bisexual and gay guys like other guys semen. Those bisexual/gay guys who like other guys semen... like it a lot.

What is the difference between straight guys and guys who like girls?

None, guys who like girls are straight guys, gay guys are the ones who like guys.

Why do some guys like other guys?

For the same reasons that most guys like girls.

What do guys like in a guy?

Guys don't like guys...that is called homosexuality and it isn't normal.

What features do guys like?

Guys like cool stuff

Why do guys like other guys?


Why don't straight guys like gay guys?

Some do and some don't. Just like some gay guys like straight guys, and some don't. You can't generalize like this.

What girls find attractive in guys?

Well I find the "comedy dude" attractive the most. Some like "bad boys", "shy guys", "sporty guys", "romantic guys", "talented guys", "lazy guys", "smart guys", "sensitive guys", there is just a lot that girls like. So they like their personality. They like looks, style, and lots of things.

Why do guys like you?

guys like me because im smart and pretty

What do guys like about guys?

guy like other guys style and their attitude and penis size and body ect

Do guys like guys with moles?

I'm a gay guy and have a fetish for moles. I like guys with moles and adore them.

Who are cute guys?

it depends what guys you like

Do girls like gay guys like guys like lesbians?

Some do and some don't.

Does Keith harkin like guys?

No. He is hetero. Nope, he doesn't like guys.

What does it mean if you like older guys?

Means u like older guys

Does Adam Lambert like guys?

Yes, Adam Lambert does like guys.

Do guys like lips?

yes guys do like lips (from women not from men)

Do girls like guys or just cars and money?

Some girls are awesome, and like guys for who they are, some girls like guys cause they're hot, and some jerky girls like guys for their money and their cars.

What type of girl do guys like?

depends on every guy.......... some girls like funny sweet guys then some like cute polite guys. I like sweet funy guys that are cute and polite!!! :p

Do guys like girls with tight shirts?

Some guys like girls with tight shirts; some guys like girls with baggy shirts; some guys like girls with large chests; some guys like girls with small chests; some guys don't like girls at all. You see, it's all a matter of personal taste and preference.

Why don't guys like girls with glasses?

Different guys like different things. Some guys may not like girls with glasses, while other guys find it very attractive.

Why do guys act like guys?

guys act like guys because they try to look all cool around their women they try to protect her act like they are they shining armor but when the boys hang out with the boys the treat their women like a piece of tissue,a maid,and a servant that's why guys act like guys Because thei're guys.. kind of a no brainer dont you think??

Do guys like tattoos on a girl?

It depends on the guy. Some guys like it but some guys take it as a turn off.

Do guys like when girls are hyper and laugh a lot?

Some guys like it, some guys don't it's up to you.

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