What do guys look for in a girl?


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What guys look for in girls
  • Well....in my family I have five brothers and one sister so I know guys... they like intelligence, caring, funny, nice to be around, honest, happy, outgoing, a people person, you know stuff like that also looks but you don't have to be skinny or super pretty just be yourself
  • I'm not sure if guys are suspose to answer this or not but I can't truly tell you what guys look for, um... I guess I look for girl that I don't feel shy around. I mean some girls to me feel dead. A girl that you can relate to and and not search to the back of your mind for something to say. I want a girl that I don't think about what wrong thing to say. A girl that I can feel totally at ease with all the time. Man this is coming out lol. Because if I enjoy spending time with a girl I'm not gonna forget it.
  • What do I look for in a woman? Where to start!?!? I find women who are not hung up on themselves very attractive. Seriously ladies, trying too hard just isn't attractive. The less makeup the better. Natural completion is by far the best. It's a huge turn off seeing huge amounts of makeup smudged all over. Girls who are funny and easy going are amazing. A good laugh is key. Girls with a funky laugh throw me off. Girls who just let their hair go or scrunch it after coming out of the shower are hot. That's such a turn on for me. Other than that... smelling good and being in shape are important.
  • Guys like me look for nice hair, lips and eyes. If you see a guy that you really love, try to hang out with him whenever. If you like bad boys like me maybe go on a motorcycle ride with him. That's hiw I met one of my friends. I love girls with spunk. If you plan an instrument, maybe you can join his band if he'd like you to.
  • Alright I'm a dude and I know just about every aspect many boys look at when searching for a girl. Some guys want what they can't have. WARNING: Girls stay away from these guys. They will break your heart in a second as soon as they get you. Also, stay away from guys who look at you the wrong way or touch you the wrong way. This is only ok if you have been with him for along time and are getting serious. A lot of the time, a guy will try to intimidate a girl. You need to fix this quick. You need to well, ummmm, SUPRISE THE CRAP OUT OF BY KISSING US. One last thing is that guys want to be in control even though we don't want ot do any work. Even if you girls do something great say "we" did it or "you did a great job". Nonetheless it all depends what kind of guy you are talking about because we all look for different things.
  • It depends on the guy. Some guys look for a pulse. Others are looking for a real woman who has strength to raise children and intelligence to bring them up with compassion and direction. If a woman is little more than a pulse, there are guys out there for them. If a woman has more to offer, her biggest challenge is to find a man who can appreciate her qualities and at the same time bring the male equivalent of strength and intelligence to the relationship.
  • Well a sweet cute tomboy if you're like me, who's not afraid to break some rules and say yes to things that are daring.
  • Rather quiet, cute and shy (while being shy also makes you cute), and being natural are very important for me, i.e. at best no makeup at all, no freaky hair styles, just plain. Slim is best, chubby ok, skinny is worst. Looks in general don't really matter as long as there are two eyes between the ears. Most important part is making me feel at ease around them, giving me the feeling I can talk about anything and tell them whatever I'm thinking. Of course other guys have other preferences, but in general guys will be attracted to girls with a similar personality as themselves.
  • A girl who is in charge, smart, girly, cute, sweet, if you look good that's what makes guys instantly notice you then when they try to know you better you slowly unravel who you are leaving them wondering more about you. I find that very sexy.
  • Talkative, loyal, pretty, not prude
  • I look for a personality, a pretty face and large features (not meaning fatness)
  • Good looks, but not girls who always want to look better. anorexia is a bad thing. Also too much makeup and it will be very unattractive. You will look like you are a clown for 4 year olds.
  • Using big boobs or butt as a way to pick up men will only pick up perverts. Using your personality will pick up quality men.

1. Natural beauty

2. Good personality

3. Not self absorbed

4. Watch sports or whatever their into with them

5. Loving and caring


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What guys look for in a girl is someone attractive, great personality, fun, get what im saying. Breasts aren't everything guys look for in a girl.(at least not to all guys)

Depends on the guys and how they feel about the girl

a girl that wants to have sex

they look for intelligence and funnyness and cuteness

Guys with similar interests to the girl, who act in a similar way.

Maybe they look when you're not looking at them! Some guys are shy and don't want to be caught looking at a girl.

im a guy, the answer is no.

They look in the girl eyes a lot.

They like girls for who they are

they look for kind-ness and honesty -- hope this helped--

It depends on what type of guy you are talking about. Some guys want girls to flirt with, and for how they look. Other guys however, try to look beneath all the make up and fakeness of a girl and wants them for who they are. Most guys, just like girls, look for humour in a girl, and someone they can have fun with, but isn't afraid to be stupid with them.

all guys look for different things because everybody is different but most guys like a smart,cute or pretty, good personality, and loving girl.

all depends on what the guy like in a girl some guys will be into the whole emo/scene look (like me) however other guys will write the girl off because of it

most guys when looking for a girl look how pretty they are and how daring you are... sometimes if your lucky they look at your personality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(: DONT TAKE MY ADVICE

Guys don't blow girls, girls blow guys if you don't know what it means for a girl to blow a guy look it up.

Every guy is different, and every guy looks for something different in a girl.

we look for guys who are funny and interesting. guys who try to be cool are really dumb because they're not good...girls want guys who are smart.

If you mean "What do white girls look for in guys?"; well, it depends on the girl. Some girls like the tough type, others the sensitive type, and I myself like the nice, funny type.

Probably what all guys look for in a girl, humor and a good personality.

the main thing that a guy well most guys look for in a girl is there personality but then there's the guys that don't have respect for girls and all they look for is a girl thats down to have sex and they look for girls with big boobs and a big butt

No, if she thinks about dating other guys. Yes, if she thinks other guys are cute. We can look but can't touch.

The main thing they are looking for is confidence in a girl. you can ask anyone

they look really hot. This is a girl typing so yeah... go for it.

Well alot of guys seem like they only look for girls that are "hot". But guys who really really like someone they look for someone who they know is there for him. Someone who he can have a good time with and most important someone that wont fight him much.

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