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What do horses do when they are in love?


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Animals cannot love, humans can. Animals mearly mate for procreative purposes. Or release.


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stallionaire's are men who love horses and stallionettes are women who love horses.

you can't make some one love horses

'I love horses' is in Dutch 'Ik houd van paarden'.

Go for it! If you love horses from a young age, it will get you better results!

Yes, horses can eat pecans, and most horses love them.

Horses can show effection but no one truelly knows if an animal can actually "love".

I love horses! -- In French: -- J'adore des chevaux! I like horses- J'aime des chevaux! I like horses a lot- J'aime des chevaux beaucoup!

menning is when you love patting horses and everyhting to do with touching them :)

Most horses want love food and safety.

joe Jonas does love horses if u don't believe me then go to Google and write joe Jonas with horse and ull see so he does love horses there so cute

"I love horses" in English means Amo i cavalli in Italian.

horses do not fall in love they are not monogamous ***CORRECTION they may not fall in love but they certainly exhibit behavior that certifies some kind of relationships, and they can certainly have a strong relationship with its owner/rider

Yes. Some horses love fresh coconut

Well, horses bring joy and love to their kid's hearts.

There are many reasons. To race, to breed, to love, to ride, to help people with disabilities and the list goes on and on. Horses are a passion.People love horses for who they are and not for what they do except for the rich people when they USE the horses just for money and not for what they do except if the win MONEY which they LOVE money....TRUE horse people are people who love there horses for them and not for how well they do at a horseshow...they love them for trying and for being there for them...those are TRUE hrse people like meHOPE THAT HELPS!

i think i would say he loves horses and so do i not because of him i liked it before or love it... what

Horses love because they are like us. they have feelings!

Yes, all horses love hay. Hay is nothing but specific varieties of dried up grass. All horses love to graze - grazing is what they mostly do, thus they love grass and hay.

i love horses and i still don't know about horses a lot but i you sure have to treat them like a child!!

I'm not sure what your asking but horses love to be with other horses in pastures, barns, paddocks, ect.

Not in human language but they might in horse language.^_^I love horses!

Some horses love the taste of horehound, others do not.

I use it in combination with alfalfa, my horses love it!

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