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What do iron and oxygen make?

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From what i have learnt it is Iron Oxide

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What does iron and oxygen make?

iron oxide

What is iron mixed with to make iron oxide?


Equation for iron and oxygen make iron III oxide?

Iron + Oxygen ---> Iron III oxide 4Fe + 3O2 ---> 2Fe2O3

What happen when iron rust?

Iron reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere to make rust, a compound of iron and oxygen called iron oxide.

What elements make up iron oxide?

Iron and Oxygen.

What element does iron react to make iron oxide?


How can you make iron sulphide?

you react together iron , sulphide and oxygen

What elements make magnetite?

iron and oxygen

What atoms make up iron oxide?

Iron oxide is composed by the elements iron and oxygen.

How do you make iron sulfate hydroxide and oxide?

Iron oxide is with oxygen poopys

Why rusting of iron is a chemical change?

Oxygen reacts with the iron to make it rust.

What atoms make up rust?

Iron and oxygen. Rust is iron oxide.

What two substances are needed to make iron rust?

Oxygen and Water. The equation for rust is: Iron + Oxygen + Water -> Hydrated iron (III) oxide. (rust)

What 2 elements are made up from iron oxide?

No elements are made up of a compound. I think you mean 'Which elements make up iron oxide?', and the answer to that is iron and oxygen.

The longest word you can make out the period table ever?

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis-potassium, nitrogen, erbium, uranium, magnesium, oxygen, nitrogen, oxygen, uranium, lead, tin, radon, argon, magnesium, iron, carbon, radon, oxygen, silver, carbon, oxygen, potassium, iron, carbon, silicon, iron, lead, iron, carbon, oxygen, vanadium, oxygen, lead, carbon, argon, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, iron, oxygen, silicoon, iron, silicon

What reacts with iron to make rust?

Water. ---------- Oxygen

What chemicals are used to make rust?

Iron and oxygen

What elements make up Fe2O2?

iron & oxygen

What does carbon plus copper plus oxygen make?

I know that carbon plus oxygen equals iron and iron is what kills stars...

Does iron rust in water?

Yes, the iron reacts with oxygen in the water to make iron oxides known as rust.

Why does iron corrode?

Because oxygen ions attach to iron atoms to make iron oxide (a.k.a. rust).

What elementts make rust?

There are a couple of elements that combine to make rust, or iron oxide. These two elements are oxygen and iron.

Does the sun make iron rust?

Not directly. Oxygen makes iron rust, and water helps.

What is the process of iron combining with oxygen to make iron oxide?

Oxidation (or in common terms rusting)

What are the elements that make up iron sulphate?

iron (Fe), sulphur (S), oxygen (O)

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