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The big hand tells you how many minutes. If the big hand is on 11, you multiply it by 5. 11x5 is 55. If the small hand is near the 2, then that means it is 1:55 or 5 minutes to 2. Notice that the small hand is before the 2 and not on it.

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Q: What do it mean when the small hand on a clock is on 2 andthe big hand is on 11?
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what does the small hand on the clock mean

What does the big hand and small hand on the clock mean?

The Clock has both a big hand and a small hand. The big hand is the longer one and it shows you how many minutes. The small hand is the shorter one and it shows you what hour of the day it is.

What does it mean hear the ticking of the clock?

It means that your clock is working. Also the sound is the seconds hand ticking

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It means "HOURS!"

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22215 pm is not a correct time, what time do you mean? The angle between the hands, if that is what you mean by 'the angle of the clock', does not depend on the length of the hands, so why have you given them? Please make the question clear and resubmit.

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Why is ther a big hand and a little hand on the clock?

big hand for minutes and little hand for hours.

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The modern English word hand derives from Old English hond or hand (plural handa) which could mean "hand", "side" or "power". Later it came to mean a hired workman or a sailor; other meanings such as the hands of a clock are much more recent.

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It means you have to leave at 1:10 pm, assuming they don't want you to leave in the middle of the night. The little hand on the clock is at the 1, and big hand is at the 2.