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What do kamikaze do?


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They are young Japanese men who were air force trained during the World War II.

The were suicide pilots who would purposely crash their planes loaded with explosives, into Allied Ships in a last ditch effort to save the Japanese Empire.

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Kamikaze pilots were not expected to return from what was a suicidal attack on the enemy.Most Kamikaze pilots had little training, nor flew decent aeroplanes.

a kamikaze plane is a plane that the Japanese flew by suicidal pilots to sink US naval ships

the kamikaze pilots were japenese pilots that purposely crashed there planes into allied ships, commiting suicide.

The first kamikaze attack happen on December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor.

No the Japanese Kamikaze pilots were a phenomenon of late World War II.

kamikaze attacks are Japanese pilots in ww2 litteraly crashing there planes into allies ships in a desperite attempt to win the war. in my opinion,I respect the kamikaze becuz they gave their lives for their country

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