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They use burrows for shelter

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Q: What do komodo dragons use for shelter?
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What is a komodo dragons shelter?

Komodo dragons use their forelimbs and claws to dig holes for shelter. The holes measure from 3 to 10 feet wide.

Why do komodo dragons in Komodo island?

habits of komodo dragons

What do komodo dragons do not eat?

Komodo dragons eat monkeys and other komodo dragons, but they do not eat fish.

Is there komodo dragons in Victoria?

There are no komodo dragons in Victoria.

Do komodo dragons have horns?

Komodo Dragons do not have horns.

What is a komodo dragans predititor?

There are none known to hunt Komodo dragons. Komodo dragons are at the top of their food chain, so to speak. The only thing that hunts komodo dragons are other komodo dragons.

Do adult komodo dragons eat baby komodo dragons?

yes when baby komodo dragons are born they run up trees so they don't get eaten by them so yes adult komodo dragons do eat baby komodo dragons

Do komodo dragons have dragons?

No, komodo dragons do not own pets. Especially no dragons. Dragons are really hard pets and komodo dragons know. Yet they might be related to the ancient stories about dragons...

What countries are komodo dragons indigenous to?

Komodo dragons live on the Island of Komodo in Indonesia. Komodo dragons also live on a few other Indonesian islands.

How big are Komodo dragons claws?

komodo dragon use there claws to rip open there prey

What hunts komodo dragons?

The Komodo dragon is an apex predator, and has no other predators. Adults will prey on the juveniles, and have a tendency to be cannibalistic.

Why are the komodo dragons dying?

Komodo dragons, though large and fearsome, face many dangers. One of the main reasons for their declining population is the fact that they live in areas constantly beset by natural disasters such as volcanic activity, earthquakes, floods and tsunamis. Natural disasters diminish numbers of the dragons' prey, leaving them with less food. Illegal poaching of Komodo dragons and their eggs has also resulted in fewer dragons remaining alive, while human encroachment leading to habitat destruction has resulted in less shelter for komodo dragons.