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microscopic algae. in other words very small seaweed

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Does limpets eat seaweed?

Limpets eat microscopic seaweed.

What does limpets eat?

Limpets eat different types of algae such as microscopic seaweed.

What marine animal eats limpets?

Crabs eat Limpets.

What eat limpets?

i dont know but I they eat plants

What do Limpets do differently when the tide is in and when the tide is out?

the limpets move when tide is in, they breathe and take in algae to eat. when tide is out, they stay put and do not eat so much.

Do limpets eat seaweed?

Yes, however it is microscopic seaweed.

How do limpets eat?

by filtering sea water to sift for algae

Can you eat limpets?

Yes. In some countries (particularly Spain) they are highly regarded. They are chewy but pleasant - if you like calamari, you'll like limpets.

Do limpets eat crab?

No, they eat microscopic seaweed. Think about it, a limpet is small compared to a crab.

Are limpets decomposers?

No, they are like snails that eat growing things on rocks.

Are limpets omnivores?

No limpets are not omnivores, how is that? here is the explanation on how to work it out which is called cleverness. 1) Type in the question 2) If the answer is there check it with a parent and on google if the answer is not on research your answer then answer it on Do you know what the definitions on limpets are??? Limpets are a name for a saltwater or freshwater snails and snails are carnivores because they eat meat in the sea. :D

What does limpet eat?

Limpets eat microscopic plants of the rocks. They use their rough tougue to scrape it off.

Do sea gulls eat limpets?

Yes, so do all other birds.

Do western gulls eat limpets?

Yes, so do all other birds.

When do starfish eat?

how often do starfish eatstar fish eat a range of creatures like limpets, chitons and sea weed.

Do dog whelks eat limpets?

The dog whelk is a carnivorous sea snail. It uses its tongue like a drill to bore through the shell of limpets, taking up to three days to do so.

Where do limpets live?

Limpets live in the intertidal zone and are stuck to the rocks.

How does a limpet eat?

Limpets eat mostly algae using their radula, a rasp-like tongue with tiny teeth found in many mollusks

Do starfish eat limpet?

Some starfish do indeed eat limpet. These starfish tend to be more aggressive feeders and will pry limpets from their rocks.

How do limpets breathe?

Limpets breathe through gills - they absorb oxygen from the water.

Do dog whelks eat barnacles?

yes dog whelks are carnivores and feed on barnacles as well as organisms such as limpets.

How much do black oystercatchers eat?

it eats a variety of invertebrate marine life including mussels , whelks and limpets

What does the wrasse eat?

wrasse eat ragworms crabs limpets and small creatures. all wrasse are female but when the need to breed the dominant female becomes male

What eats whelks?

sprats eat whelk and so do limpets i hope this helps you for your food web and i hope you enjoy this info

Would a walrus eat a mussle?

Yes, walruses do eat mussels. They also eat whelks, limpets, sea slugs, scallops and octopi. ~ I'm doing a project on the Walrus. ~ ~ Hope it helped~ :)