What do lobsters eat?

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Lobsters eat crabs, sea stars, sea urchins, plankton and small fish. They are not by nature cannibalistic, except when held in crowded conditions (traps, ponds with no food). Even with banded claws, it's not unusual to find partially eaten animals in the live-tank when it's emptied.

A lobster's size is more dependent on its food consumption than its age.

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Q: What do lobsters eat?
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Related questions

Do lobsters eat their young?

Lobsters typically don't eat their own young, but they will eat baby lobsters from other parents. Lobsters often eat their old shell.

Do seals eat lobsters?

No, they don't eat lobsters. They eat fish.

Do lobsters eat coral?

No, lobsters do not eat coral

What do spiny lobsters eat?

Spiny Lobsters eat Manatee

What kind of animals do lobsters eat?

lobsters eat each other

What do squat lobsters eat?

lobsters eat planton and others smalls thing.

Can lobsters eat human food?

Lobsters are highly omnivorous, they can eat practically anything.

What eats the lobsters?

Humans eat lobsters. Lobsters eat each other also. Anything large that has very sharp teeth, and that eats meat can eat a lobster too.

How much do lobsters eat each year?

Lobsters eat as much as they eat when they are hungry...just like we eat some more each year and some eat less. Lobsters could just be really hungry

Does lobsters eat fish?

Yes. Lobsters are scavengers and opportunistic predators.

Are lobsters related to shrimp?

No, they are not because lobsters eat the shrimp for food.

What do small lobsters eat?

Lobsters, no matter their size, are omnivores, meaning they eat a variety of foods. They eat seaweed, worms, fish, and mollusks.

Do whales eat lobsters?


Do lobsters eat squids?

No. It is the other way around squids eat lobsters. They can suck the meat out of a lobster leaving an intact shell.

What do reef lobsters eat?

starfish, plankton

Do lobsters eat eels?


Does tuna eat lobster?

Tunas do not eat lobsters.

Do lobsters eat clown fish?

i think they eat clown fish

How many crabs do lobsters eat at one time?

Lobsters do not eat crabs. Both are crustaceans (sea creatures with shells) and this means that not many animals actually do eat them. Both crabs and lobsters are (as far as I know) completely vegetarian. I agree crabs and lobsters do not eat each other, however they will feed on dead fish, that is why fishermen use Cod or Salmon as bait.

What type of plankton do lobsters eat?

Lobsters eat many variety of plankton. They are also known to eat crabs, sea urchins, sea stars, and small fish.

Can you steam live lobsters?

You should only steam live lobsters. Dead, uncooked lobsters are not safe to cook and eat.

Do lobsters eat tuna?

Lobsters will eat tuna if they are small enough. The lobster diet consists of fish, mussels, sea urchins, and crabs.

When eating lobster tailwhat part are you eating?

You are eating the lobsters tail when you eat the lobsters tail.

What color are lobsters?

There are many different kind of lobsters around the world. The color of lobsters is dependent on where they live and what they eat. Lobsters can be blue, red, yellow, yellow calico, two-toned, and black.

What eats lobsters?

swordfish may eat lobsters, you may see codfish eating the baby lobsters, I hope that helps answer your question good enough.