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They have no bud and produce pollen sacks that look like seeds


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Male plants have small pollen sacks on the stem, where as female plants have what look like hairs growing out of the points where the stems meet the leaf stem. Also Male plants do not bud.

allot like the female exsept the male might have little tusks

There's no such thing as a "female" or "male" pot plant they're plants...

The definition of bonsai includes "in a shallow pot or tray" so if it's in the ground it's NOT a bonsai. There are garden plants that are pruned to look like bonsai, but a bonsai must be in a pot.

yes but pollinated buds lose quality

only female cannabis plants produce the sought after bud. males produce pollen sacks. male plants do contain cannabinoids but very small amounts in comparison to female flowers.

Male plants are hemp. They do not produce enough THC to have any altering effects at all.

Rice plants and other plants that kill you like weed and pot LOL NOT

Plants will grow much better in the ground than a pot.

Pot belly pig footprints look like the footprint of any other pig. There is a main section of the hoof that is rounded and three "toes" surrounding it.

yes plants can grow in a pot of water because of the nutrients the water provides.

Both the big dipper and the little dipper look like pots.

Only in plants like Bryophyllum which propagates through leaves

That would depend on the type of plant I think! Most plants have both genders.. The pot you grew them in wouldn't matter I don't suppose as long as there were enough nutrients in the soil.

Yes, you can grow watermelons from a pot. The trouble with this process is that the watermelon plant grows like a vine. So, make sure your pot is low to the gorund so that the watermelon plant can grow around the pot and onto the ground. You have to be careful not to place the pot near other plants because it will take them over and kill out the other plants.

They're usually around 7 in. long, brown, and they look like a turtle... A better question is, "Why do you care?".

No the seed should be at the first quarter of the pot.

You find a male pot belly pig and breed with a female

No...hemp products are made from the male plants...they make ropes skil lotion and clothes and stuff from it...only the female plant produces THC and the other chemicals. legally you could probly have male pot plants so long as ou used them for constructive uses

by germinating your pot plants

dum stuipid smokes pot kills peoples by gayness

by git in agre and pot yor self into the ciputer

Empty pot or plant pot, If it's an empty pot, you could put like, flour in it. Plant pot.. It's for like, farming.

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