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Mastodons did NOT eat fish as some might think. They are an extinct group of species related to the elephants, and they were herbivore.

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What did the mastodons eat?

Mastodons ate fruit, leaves and bark.

What did mastodons eat?

Mastodons were herbivores, so they ate things like leaves and fruit.

Did mastodons eat apples?

they ate apples if they had worms in them

Did mastodons eat leaves?

No they were the most feroucious enemy of man and would also often eat each other.

What time of day are mastodons active?

Mastodons are extinct,

Did mastodons eat meat?

Mastodons were strict herbivores like today's elephants. The main difference is that instead of primarily eating grasses like modern elephants, they mostly ate leaves.

What did a mastodons eat?

maybe fish people and tree leaves also diffrent animals preaditors

Where were mastodons found?

Mastodons were found throughout North and South America.

When did Mastodons live?

The mastodons lived from about 3.75 millon-11,000 years ago. : )

What year did the mastodons first appear?

God made mastodons in 4000 BC.

Did mastodons evolve into elephants?

No, they didn't.Mastodons belonged to a genus of the extinct family Mammutidae.

When did mastodons die off?

The mastodons died off approximately 11,000 years ago.

Do mastodons have noses?


Are mastodons mammoths?

Mastodons and mammoths are related but are not the same thing, just like lions and cheetahs.

Who were the American mastodons enemies?

The American Mastodons were top predators and therefore had few enemies. Juvenile Mastodons were at risk from being killed by short-faced bears and American lions.

When did all the Mastodons die?

The last mastodons died between 8,000 and 12,000 years ago in North America.

What did mastadon's eat?

Mastodons were herbivores (plant-eaters) who ate the leaves of tree leaves, shrubs, mosses, twigs, and other plants.

What are the mastodons predators?

Dont really no

What were mastodons enemies?

every thing

What did paleo Indians eat?

They ate mammoths, bison, camels, dogs , mastodons, pumpkins, sunflowers, beans, corn, fish, and a variety of greens.

What did mastodons eat while alive?

They were herbivores so they ate leaves from trees and shrubs but there has also been a discovery that they also ate grass.

Why are mastodons extinct?

probably got hunted down.

Did mastodons live in the quaternary time period?


Is a mastodon a meat eater?

No, Mastodons were herbivore animals.

Did mastodons live in Georgia at one time?


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