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Measles/Rubella & the immune system
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The measles virus is transmitted via respiratory secretions, and causes a very serious febrile illness. It first infects the respiratory mucosa, spreads through the lymphatics and bloodstream, and can then infect the conjunctiva, respiratory tract, urinary tract, GI tract, endothelial cells, and the central nervous system. The maculopapular rash, which starts at the hairline and spreads over the whole body, is caused by immune T-cells targeted to the infected endothelial cells of the small blood vessels. T-cell deficient individuals do not have the rash, but do have uncontrolled disease which usually results in death. The damage, as well as the control of the disease, is most probably caused by the immune system. Pneumonia and encephalitis are serious consequences. Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) is a very serious sequelae caused by a defective measles virus. It can cause neurological symptoms months or even years after the original infection. A live, attenuated vaccine has been available since 1967. It is given in combination with mumps and rubella vaccines (MMR) after 15 months of age. Individuals who received the killed vaccine prior to the introduction of the live attenuated vaccine do not have lasting immunity and should be revaccinated with the live virus. It is now also recommended that all individuals be re-vaccinated after eighteen years of age. Exposed, non-immune, individuals should be given immune serum globulin.

  • Measles Basics

Measles is primarily a respiratory infection caused by a highly contagious virus found all over the world. The symptoms include fever, runny nose, cough, sore and reddened eyes, followed by the characteristic red-brown rash. The rash usually starts on the face and spreads down the body, lasting three or more days.

The incubation period - that's the time between exposure to someone with the disease and the onset of the symptoms - is about 10 days. The red rash shows up three days to a week after the first symptoms. People are contagious from just before symptoms appear until 4 to 5 days after the rash appears.

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Can a teenager get measles?

yes. if your immune system is low and if you haven't had measles before you are susceptible to the disease .

What is wrong with the body when a person has the measles?

its immune system is low

How vaccinating a child with MMR vaccine makes them immune to measles?

MMR is measles mumps and rubella. If you give a strain of measles to a child, it's immune system develops anti bodies that destroy the virus, the anti bodies will stay around for ever and the child will be immune to measles as the anti bodies will prevent the measles virus from spreading.

Why most people will have measles once?

The immune system is infinitely adaptive, so the body will only get measles once since the virus that causes measles is not a mutating one.

What happens to a person who has completed the MMR series when they are exposed to a contagious person who has the measles?

If the person who has had both their MMR jabs has a weak immune system - which may be due to them being too clean - they will probably catch measles. If the MMR jabs didn't work, they will get measles. If the MMR jabs worked, that person won't get measles unless they have a weak immune system (as mentioned above). There really isn't a definite answer to this question - they might get measles, they might not. It depends on if the MMR jabs worked and the strength of their immune system.

What part of the body does measles affect?

measles-measles mainly affects the skin on your body where a blotchy red rash appears, it also affects your immune system and you get a cough, runny nose and a fever.

Why cant you get measles more than once?

because your immune system is used to it so it can fight back

Why are some babies immune to measles?

Because their mothers are immune to it and breast fead

What makes measles so dangerous?

measles wouldn't be dangerous if parents would stop poisoning their kids immune system with processed foods, sodas and high fructose corn syrup.

How the immune system works when a measles virus enters the body?

The measles virus is transmitted via respiratory secretion and causes very serious illness. It first infects the conjunctiva, respiratory tract urinary tract and the central nervous system.

Can you be Immune to Measles?

Yes, immunity to measles arises from either previous infection or vaccination with the MMR vaccine. Immunity can be confirmed by the detection of IgG antibody specific to the measles virus.

What system is the immune system in?

... The immune system.

Can you use the adjective 'immune' followed by against or is it always has to be followed by to?

Immune takes the preposition to when it means unsusceptible to an illness, and from when it means exempt. For example we say immune to measles, and immune from prosecution.

Can you get measles if you have had the MMR jab?

When you get the MMR, your body is supposed to be immune to the measles due to developing an antibody (like a cell marker) to be on standby of the virus measles ever returns. Sometimes, people do get the measles or mumps even though they have had the vaccine: My child had a bad case of Measles even though he had the MMR vaccine over a year earlier. I've read that only 95% of children are protected after the first MMR jab, and this increases to 99% after the second. I had the measles & mumps vaccinations when I was a kid (individual and separate doses) and I still developed mumps when I was 8 and measles when I was 13. The shots don't necessarily work. In fact, I think they are potentially more dangerous than the diseases themself. I recovered fully and had no ill effects from the diseases. ______________________________________________________________ I knew someone who had had the MMR vaccine and she still caught measles when my area had an outbreak of it because her immune system was weak. I got measles too but I hadn't had the jab because measles isn't nomally life-threatening nowadays and it helps to strenghten your immune system. Later there was an outbreak of slapped cheek in my class and I was about the only one who didn't get it.

What is the cure for chickenpox measles and polio?

Chickenpox, measles, and polio are viral infections don't have medications that cure at this time. If someone gets one of these infections, they get supportive care to help with symptoms until the immune system works to resolve the infection.

Why should you have the MMR vaccine?

because in make you immune to measles, mumps and rubella

Why are you Immune to Chickenpox but not to Measles?

The virus that causes Chicken Pox is different from the virus that causes Measles. If you receive the vaccination for Chicken Pox and not the vaccination for Measles, you are immune to the virus that causes Chicken Pox but have no immunity against the virus that causes Measles. Thus, while while Chicken Pox will not kill you from Reyes Syndrome, you might go blind from Measles. You should also get vaccinated for Measles. We can be immune to chicken pox as if the mother of a baby has had chicken pox the mother will pass temporary immunity to the baby. You can also have a vaccination. If you have chicken pox once it is unlikely you will have it again. But you can get measles more than once unless you get vaccinated. Measles are also more serious than chicken pox.

What is the immune system called?

the immune system.

Is the measles communicable disease?

Measles is very communicable. It is so contagious that if one person has it, virtually everyone around them will become infected. This is to assume they are not immune.

What is the fourth line of defense in the immune system?

there is only three lines of defense in the immune system 1. Innate Immune System 2. Adaptative Immune System 3. Acquired or Specific Immune System

At what age is the measles vaccine given to children?

Measles vaccines are usually given at about 15 months of age; because prior to that age, the baby's immune system is not mature enough to initiate a reaction strong enough to insure long-term protection from the virus.

How can you be immune to chickenpox but not to measles?

because these two diseases have different microorganisms that caused them. you can only be immune to a disease if you have been exposed to the microorganism that caused it.

What is a sentence with the words immune system?

After being sick for so long, he had a weakened immune system.

How does the immune system fight of disease?

The Immune System

What immune system is activated if the innate immune system is unable to control the infection?

The adaptive immune system is activated if the innate immune system is unable to control the infection.