What do men look for in a woman?

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A definitive responsible to this is impossible and answers could go on forever. Every man has his own strengths and his own issues and insecurities. Moreover, men go through different stages of life and relationships have different stages. What men want in a woman varies widely. Here are some of the many answers WikiAnswers Contributors have given:

  • Men want what they can't have.
  • Men look for health (physical, psychological, emotional, fiscal).
  • Men look for the outward appearance of physical health, e.g. clear, bright eyes, a body not too overweight and not too underweight, clean lustrous hair, clean nails, clean body, few if any blemishes.
  • Men want someone beautiful but "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
  • Men want someone beautiful and we objectively know what this is. A Discovery health program stated that men overwhelmingly, cross culturally, cross generational are visually attracted to women who have a 70% ratio from waist to hips. Meaning waist is 70% size of hips. Beauty contestants across the decades have been this way even though they are much slimmer now than 10-20 years ago. Marilyn and Twiggy were both 70% ratio. It is also interesting to know that this is also an immediate indicator of health.
  • Men want a woman who is honest, who he can trust completely, who is not likely to sneak around and sleep around with other guys.
  • Someone with similar interests so they have something in common.
  • A woman who will make an effort to please him.
  • A woman who makes an effort to look her best.
  • An appreciation of the man's job.
  • Passion
  • A woman whose ego isn't bigger than her hairstyle.
  • A partner for his life.
  • A partner for his soul.
  • Someone who is caring. All men want to be looked after.
  • Someone who has faith in him.
  • A woman who is strong yet sometimes submissive.
  • A woman who is strong but does not have an attitude.
  • Someone who is not too loud.
  • Someone who won't nag him beyond reason.
  • A woman who challenges him and is full of the unexpected.
  • An interesting woman.
  • An intelligent woman.
  • A woman who is not dumb (mediocre intelligence is fine).
  • A woman who is smart enough to grasp new concepts.
  • Someone artistic or creative.
  • A woman can take care of herself without feeling that she has to compromise herself in a relationship.
  • Someone who suits their individual personality.
  • Some guys like an aggressive woman.
  • Some guys like silent and reserved type.
  • Someone in-shape/athletic.
  • Interdependence, so that you trust and need each other.
  • A sense of humor.
  • A woman with a nice laugh.
  • A positive personality.
  • Men want a woman who is comfortable with her own sexuality.
  • Someone up for action, or willing to get a little kinky in the bedroom.
  • A talent and passion in something worthwhile.
  • Men respect and want a woman who knows her own mind; women who are true to themselves.
  • Someone relaxed and confident.
  • A woman with a good soul.
  • A woman who has a great smile and loves to laugh and be herself but can also be intelligent and serious.
  • It's a question that has baffled women for ages. What do men consider beautiful in women? Most of us believe men only see looks as beautiful simply because the media believes it is true. They show us busty females with perfect bodies plastered across our television screens, billboards, and posters, or skinny little models posing in barely there undergarments and designer clothing and we automatically think; "The woman of every man's dreams". But ask any guy and you may very well be surprised to learn those perfect bodies and skinny models are far from his dream girl.
  • Recently, an online survey discovered that men preferred women with an average size body and curves to those whose bodies bared more bone than fat; like the models we see on the runways. However, even while an average size body did turn their heads, it was actually a woman's personality that men considered beautiful the most. They also think that a woman with self-confidence is beautiful. Kind, caring and sincere were three other attributes that were also considered beautiful in a woman as well as a woman who is willing to listen to him and engage in conversation with him. And what did they find beautiful as far as looks? When it comes to physical attributes, the eyes have it. Men also confessed that women with natural average-sized breasts were more beautiful than women with breast implants. And when it comes to women's fashion they think we look beautiful in casual clothing verses neat. And what underwear did they find beautiful on a woman? Surprisingly, average and feminine beat out the skimpy erotic panties found on models in adult magazines. Even more surprising, the surveys found that men thought women with a barely there, natural makeup looked more beautiful than women who wear a lot of makeup. So what gives? Apparently guys are finding out that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to a woman being beautiful. Men would rather get to know a woman and discover that she is beautiful naturally instead of just judging her from the way she looks and finding out that she's really an ugly person on the inside. They're discovering what we've known all along, that true beauty lies within. And what about all of the wonderful mothers and grandmothers out there? Well smile, because while they might not admit it, a survey found that the men in your life secretly think you're beautiful too! So does this mean that we'll be saying adios to those perfect and skinny bodies in the media too? Probably not, since the media knows that there's still a whole new generation of young men who are willing to believe that age-old tactic of "Sex sells". Still, we have begun to notice that more and more average and curvy size women are making their presence known in Hollywood and we're loving it!
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Some men after all they done to help you on dates, they might pressure you into sex.

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Q: What do men look for in a woman?
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