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they study things called microbes that can only be seen with a microscope.

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Q: What do microbiologists use microscopes for?
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What jobs use compound light microscopes?

Pretty much any type of scientist uses microscopes. Microbiologists, paleontologists, pathologists, and many more.

What do scientist look at with microscopes?

Molecular biologists, microbiologists, geneticists, immunohistologists, pathologists, neuroscientists, etc..

What microscopes do forensic laboratory analysts use?

what sort of jobs use microscopes what sort of jobs use microscopes

Do archaeologists use microscopes?

yes archaeologists use microscopes

How long have microscopes been in use?

microscopes have been in use for nearly 1200 years.

What do microbiologists use while they are working in the lab?

Microbiologists use many job specific tools to complete their investigation. Most importantly , a high end electron microscope with proper mounting wares are a essential.

What kind of microscopes use beams of electrons to produce magnified images?

These microscopes are called electron microscopes.

Microscopes use how many lenses?

Microscopes use different amounts of lenses depending on the microscope.

Modern microscopes that use lenses to bend what?

modern microscopes that use lenses to bend what the answer is images

When do you use microscopes?

We use microscopes to see tiny things like cells, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

Why do scientist use electrons for microscopes instead of light?

Scientists use electron microscopes rather than electron microscopes due to the cause of electron microscopes are better at looking deeper into the object you want to see.

Do Astronimers use Microscopes?