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They have to be a solid, inorganic, have a definite chemical composition, made of crystals, and need to have a chemical compound

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No it is not a mineral but it contains minerals

Minerals can be used in tools, in mineral water, and the mineral water one gives you nutrients!

Topsoil is not a mineral, but it contains minerals.

Yes, a mineral can be made of other minerals because if a mineral is made of two elements or more, the elements it is made up of could be single-element minerals.

There are many different types of minerals found in a mineral makeup. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc are two minerals that Mineral Makeup uses in their products.

A mineral is a naturally occuring chemical compound. A mineral is different from a rock/boulder which can be an aggregate of minerals, or non minerals and does not have a specific chemical composition as a mineral does

Soil is not a mineral. Soil is just matter that plants thrive in to retrieve minerals. Soil CONTAINS minerals, but soil is not a mineral.

Water is not a mineral but water does form minerals.

No. Neo silicates are not a mineral, they are a class of minerals.

Minerals are in rocks. When you break a rock a mineral will be found in it. Also the uglier the rock is the prettier the mineral will be. Some rocks are found under the ground. That is where minerals are and about.

No. A rock is an assemblage of at least two different minerals. One mineral can't be two or more minerals.

Minerals can occur in liquids, but only in the form of mineral particles. By definition, a mineral must be a solid.

A mineral alignment is a layered arrangement of firmly joined crystals of minerals; the minerals are aligned in layers or bands.

because the color of a mineral can be the same as some other minerals but all minerals have a different property between them

It is a mineral or a number of minerals which are part of the composition of rock.

a metallic mineral and nonmetallic mineral thankz ^^

It is a mineral

the most norenewable mineral is coal

Minerals can not be man made. If it is than its not a mineral.

Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring mineral and can scratch all other minerals. Talc is the softest of minerals and cannot scratch any other mineral.

No, fossils are not minerals. ^.^

Concrete has minerals in it.

actually they are minerals

no it does not have a mineral

From loose mineral licks or salt mineral blocks. They also get their minerals and vitamins from the forage and feed they're fed.

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