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To find good diagrams and paintings. Click on the link below named"Google image search: Motte and bailey castles" If you want me to describe it then it's a raised, flat, fortified area with a large mound on it. The large mound has a keep on it.

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Shape of a motte and bailey castle?

motte and bailey castles look like giant shoes :D

What is motte and bailey castles look like?

hill with wood

How do Motte and Bailey Castles look like from the inside?

same as a normal castle

What does a Bailey on a castle look like?

a mansion atop the motte (hill)

What did the first castles look like?

They were very simple, with just a lookout tower and a small courtyard to put animals and stuff. It was surrounded by a wooden wall. The tower was taller than the wall. They were called Motte and Bailey castles

What did a motte and bailey look like?

Part of the Motte and Bailey was built on a hill! This is where the Lord and his Wife would stay and so would the rich people! Then on low ground there was another part of the Motte and Bailey which was built for Peasants to live in.

What improvements were made to castles?

for example, the motte and bailey castle was improved to the square keep castles and so they improved onwards to the concentric castles. type this question into improvements were made to castles over time. or, look on this website:

What did the motte and bailey castles look like?

Motte and Bailey is not a castle kids, it is a type of cake like a spongy cake. With lovely pink and purple or red and blue icing on top. Normaly they have a foot print shape on the top as a pattern. I don't know why. Anyway they are delicous go now tell your Mum and Dad ask to make one OR YOU SHALL REGRET IT!!!!!

What did the gate-tower do in the motte and bailey?

it was used for a look out

Where do you find motte and bailey castles?

Well all over England, especially over the border of wales. This is because William wanted to look strong and to defend England in a limited time!

What is a bailey castle?

A Motte and Bailey castle consisted of a wooden tower, on top of a large man made mound or motte, they were sometimes based on solid rock. It provided a look-out post, as well as adding tactically important height if the castle was attacked. The bailey was a large, level, enclosed area beside the motte, surrounded by an earth work bank and ditch, topped with a timber palisade. The bailey often contained a hall, buildings for livestock, a forge and armoury, and a chapel. Due to the use of wood in their construction, these castles were particularly vulnerable to fire.

How many people live in a motte and bailey castle?

I dont no look somewhere else

What do castles look like?

castles look like huge forts but bigger

What did square keep castles look like?

A square keep castle is square but in the corners they have towers for extra strengthit is sometimes surrounded by water and has a big way to get in (that opens and closes):)Stone or square keep castles were first built inMedieval England by William the Conqueror. Stone keep castles were the natural extension of motte and bailey castles. Motte and bailey castles were only temporary features (though many mottes exist to the day) while stone keep castles were built to last.After the "Harrying of the North", William decided to show no mercy to the English. Stone keep castles were the ultimate sign of his power over the English. The most famous of these castles were in London (the White Tower at the Tower of London) and Rochester Castle in Kent.The use of stone allowed stone keeps to be built in an entirely different way from motte and bailey castles. Stone was a strong building material that allowed the builder to build up. Motte and bailey castles were built out of weaker wood and builders were limited to the size and height they could go to.However, with a strong foundation, stone keep castles could be built high. This gave them the great advantage of visibility - allowing the defenders to see if an enemy was coming when they were still a distance away - thus allowing the castle to get its defences ready. Rochester Castle has views across the Medway estuary, so any attack by river would have been easy to spot.Stone keeps had other defensive mechanisms. Motte and bailey castles were open to being set on fire. This was possible with stone keeps but it was much more difficult to set a stone keep alight. Whereas motte and bailey castles were surrounded by a wooden fence, the stone keeps could rely on outer walls made of stone (curtain walls). William's stone keeps also had their 'front' door on the first floor. Wooden steps led up to it. If it was attacked, these steps would be knocked down. Those inside the keep would be isolated but those seeking to attack it, would have to get inside it somehow.The most famous stone keep castle must be the White Tower at the Tower of London.

What did Warwick Castle look like in 1264?

it looked different fro what it looks like now, it was a motte and bailey castle and it was made of wood, then later replaced with stone and improvments were made on it.

What did concentric castles look like?


What did Norman castles look like?

pizza hut

What do Ottonian castles look like?

Ottonian castles look like Medieval palaces that tower over the rest of the land. They were often built on hills or the tops of mountains and made of stone.

How did castles look like in the Battle of Hastings?

Castles in the battle of hastings were made out of Earth and wood because they were cheap to get and they were easy to build. They would look like Earth mounds with wood around them.

What did kings castles look like?

they looked very grand and big

What did motte and bailey castles look like?

Ok. get lots of men (an army is handy) to dig up soil and pile it in a heap. This is your motte. When it's about fifty feet wide and a hundred across, build a tower on top. Then build a wall round the bottom, at a distance of about 20 yards from the mound. You can do the building in wood or stone as you prefer, and the outer wall can even be of earth. The space inside the wall is the Bailey. The tower on the top is the Keep. It sounds as if this ought to take a long time, but do the sums; if you have, say, 5,000 men moving a cubic foot of earth per man every 15 minutes or so, it's surprising how fast the job can be done.

What is a building like a castle?

Castles are like castles. Some more recent buildings have been built to look like ancient castles, e.g. Banwell Castle in Somerset, built by the Wills family, of tobacco fame, in the 19th century.

What do stone keep castles look like?

Click on the related links below named "Stone keep castles" and "More Stone keep castles" for some interesting graphics.

What did a medieval castle look like?

To see pictures and diagrams of what castles look like, click on the related links listed below. As the medieval period spanned approx 400 years, what medieval castles looked like could vary a lot depending upon when they were built, what materials were used and the location. Following the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 until around 1100, castles were mainly motte and bailey type with frames and palisades (fences) made of timber. From the 12th century onwards these were replaced by castles made of stone, the most substantial being concentric castles. Leeds Castle in Kent built in 1119 is a good example of a concentric castle which is still in tact. The site for a castle's construction could vary enormously and therefore affected how it was built and how it looked. One example is Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland which was built on very high ground overlooking. Another is Beaumaris Castle in Anglesey which was built on marshland. See links below: Medieval castles timeline 1066 to 1399 Leeds Castle photos

What do the rooks from chess look like?

Rooks are also referred to and resemble "castles".

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