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can someone please answer this question.. i need to know it for an assignment lol xxxx

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How long can an octupus survive on land?

Most octopuses can survive easily for about a half an hour outside of water. Some have been known to survive up to an hour

How do octopuses adapt to their environment?

They adapt by their tentacles because they have gills that help them survive under water.

Could octopuses and cows mate?

No ... cows can't survive underwater, and the octopus can't graze on land ...

What adaptations has the octopuses done in order to survive in the deep sea?

Sharp eyes, suckers, and big lungs

What are the octopuses preditors?

other octopuses kill octopuses!!!! :-D

How many octopuses survive adulthood?

None. All Octopuses eventually die in adulthood Another answer If the question was "how many octopuses survive until adulthood," there's a different answer. Under normal circumstances, any species produces just enough young to sustain the species, so each adult female octopus (most of which produce only one brood in their lifetimes) must produce two young that survive until adulthood. Out of a typical clutch of about 200,000 eggs, about 199,998 will die before reaching adulthood.

Are octopuses predators?

Octopuses are predators.

Do octopuses eat other octopuses?

Yes they do.

Are octopuses decomposers?

Octopuses are not decomposers. They are consumers.

Do tree octopuses live in trees?

Tree octopuses do not exist. All octopuses are marine (live in the ocean).

Do octopuses eat turtles?

They rarely do. Usually, octopuses eat other octopuses. no but maybe sea turtles

What animals eat octopuses?

people and other octopuses

Are octopuses in zoos?

no!!They do not even have octopuses in sea world!!: )

Do octopuses eat seal?

no seals eat octopuses

What does an octopuses ink do to its predetor?

what does an octopuses ink do to its predator

What are octopuses real name?

the octopuses real name is octopus.

Do octopuses go to sleep?

do octopuses go to sleep? Perhaps!

Do octopuses have any ears?

Octopuses do have ears on the side of their heads.

What is a group of octopuses called?

A group of octopuses is called octopi.

What do octopuses need from there habitat?

octopuses need poo and pee

Can octopuses attack?

octopuses do not attack its just the matter of how you handle them

What metal do octopuses have in their blood?

Octopuses have copper and magnesium in their blood.

What animals eat the octopuses?

Sperm Whales eat octopuses

How does octopuses eat?

octopuses eat clams that is there favorite food

Do octopuses have backbones?

No, octopuses are invertabrates. They are in Kingdom Anamalia and Phylum Molusk.