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well its illegal to have a panda if ur not certified and since pandas r endangered mostly only zoos can keep them. So they pretty much just feed them, breed them, and give thm a safe place to sleep.

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What do people call pandas other than pandas?

giant pandas

What is the possessive noun of pandas?

The possessive form of the plural noun pandas is pandas'.Example: Development by people is encroaching on the pandas' habitat.

Do pandas die because people hunt them?

I have heard of people hunting pandas.

How many people like giant pandas?

There are alot of people that like giant pandas because they are very popular. about trillions of people love pandas!

What do Pandas compete for?

Pandas compete againest people

Do people hunt red pandas?

People do hunt red pandas for their fur and for meat.

Why are people predators for pandas?

People are "indirect" predators of pandas in that they encroach on panda's habitat.

What kills pandas?

disease, people, animals in asia, and other pandas are the main killers of pandas.

Why do people shoot pandas?

Most shoot pandas for their fur. A pandas fur is very valuable.

Do pandas eat people?

No, pandas only eat bamboo.

What interactions do people have with pandas?

well they hunt and kill pandas

How can people help pandas?

you can help pandas by buying land for them

Do pandas compete for protection?

pandas compete againest people

Why people should stop killing pandas?

because pandas are good

Why are pandas endengered?

People chop down their land. Ask How are people killing pandas for more detail.

How do pandas react to humans?

pandas hate people because pandas get hunted by people if pandas don't react harshly to people that is because they have either been trained at a zoo or have been around people since they were young... Why would you even want to know this quistion ?? lol answer MINE.

Do pandas kill?

no, never kill other people. Pandas always frienly!

Why are hunters killing pandas?

people are killing pandas because they think they are visious.

Why do pandas attack people?

that do not attack people

Why are they pandas extinct?

Pandas are not extinct, but they are endangered. This is because people are cutting down bamboo that pandas eat to make farms.

Why are pandas extinct?

pandas are not extinct but they are endangered. They are endangered because people are cutting down forests and that is where the pandas live. So now there are very few pandas in the world

Why are pandas getting killed?

pandas get killed because china people use them for medicine and food to eat .they sell the insides of the pandas

Can giant pandas eat people?

no,pandas are herbivores although dont make them angry.

Why do people poach pandas?

People poach pandas because of the valuable fur. Also, people eat the meat and use the bones for Chinese medicine.

Do pandas bite when people get near their babies?

Yes , but sometimes most people come to china , and see pandas but people get close , and then they bite humans .........