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What do people explore?

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They explore homosexuality

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Why did Prince Henry explore the oceans?

he didnt explore he sent people to explore for him.

Why did Prince Henry explore?

He did not explore he sent people

Why did you explore?

People explore to learn or find new things.

Why do people explore today?

People explore today because they enjoy traveling and seeing different locations. They may explore to find special objects as well.

Who were the first people to explore and settle in Utah?

its so easy the first people to explore utah area were spanish

Who was the first person to explore along the Mississippi River?

The first people to explore the Mississippi was Lewis, Clark, and Sugatuwea The first people to explore the Mississippi River was Lewis, Clark, and Sugatuwea

Why do people explore the moon?

People want to explore the moon to find out what is out there. Humans have a curiosity that there is more to life than what is found on earth.

Do people still explore and why do they explore?

Today, people still explore-- and there are many areas of the world that remain unexplored. Why people explore depends on the person, such as:It helps in their occupation, example, biologists, geographers...They are conservationistsThey enjoy learning about new placesThey love the Earth and want to see it close up.

What is explore?

Explore are people who wounders around the jungle or forest to learn new things that is in the jungle.

What would an archeologist most likely explore?

They would explore objects of people and places of the past.

Who were the first white people to explore territories west of the Mississippi River?

Spanish explorers were the first to explore of that area.

How do people explore a volcano?

You can't for, but it is just a game.

What are the space explorers?

They're people who explore space

Why do people explore the ocean?

To discover different species

Why did people explore Australia?

cause it was an unknown island

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