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Why did Prince Henry explore the oceans?

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he didnt explore he sent people to explore for him.

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Why did Prince Henry explore?

He did not explore he sent people

What country did Prince Henry explore?

actually he didnt explore at all

In what year did Prince Henry of Portugal explore?

Prince Henry explored inh 1826 to Mexico

Whom did Prince Henry explore for?

Henry the Navigator sailed for Portugal

How is Prince Henry rememberd?

For making portgal the first country to explore

Discuss two of prince Henry the navigator main achievement?

Because of prince Henry the navigator,Portugal became the first country to explore.

Was Prince Henry called the navigator?

yes, prince henry was called the navigator because of his desire to explore, obtain wealth, and spread the gospel.

How were the goals of Prince Henry and Columbus similar?

Prince Henry and Columbus both had a want to explore. They are both know for wanting to find gold and get rich.

What did Prince Henry explore?

to find the west coast of Africa and maybe gold

Where did Prince Henry explore?

he didnt exploer he sent people to do it for him by the east of africa.

Why did Prince Henry explore the coast of Africa?

to get ppl to like him more artixthepaladin

Were did Prince Henry explore?

Prince Henry explored Africa. However, he actually never set foot on African land himself. Instead, he sent his explorers on the expedition.

Prince Henry was an early explorer for who?

For himself. He was the leader of Portugal and sent others out to explore.

What problems did Prince Henry had when he explored?

He had no problems Because, He didn't Explore he sent People to do it for him.

Which is not an accurate description of Prince Henry of Portugal?

Sent out numerous expeditions to explore Africa

What years did Prince Henry the navigator explore?

1418 he started the 'school of navigation' then started to explore west Africa later that year.

How did prince Henry encourage exploration?

He payed for schools that prepared people to explore. He also payed for supplies and transportation. By the way he did not explore himself.

Who sent out several ships to explore the western coast of Africa?

prince henry the navigator sent out several ships to explore the western coast of africa :)

How did Prince henry make portugal the leading european country in the drive to explore other parts of the world-?

Prince Henry of Portugal gathered experts to help search for sea routes to the east.

Where did Prince Henry the navigator want to go?

Prince Henry the Navigator wanted to explore Africa and find the source of the gold trade of West Africa.. He wanted to find the Christian kingdom of Prester John.

Who paid for Prince Henry to explore?

As the son of King John I of Portugal, he had access to substantial royal funds, and used this to support voyages of exploration. Prince Henry himself did not go on any of these dangerous voyages.

Why did Prince Henry want to explore Africa?

he wanted to travel Africa cuz hr just wanted to it was his choose

Who did King John ask to lead Portugal's drive to explore new lands?

King John asked Prince Henry to lead Portugal's drive to explore new lands.

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