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They eat very little and things that do not have a high calorie content. What do they do? They get sick and tired very easily. They hide their disorder until it becomes unmanageable and noticable and then become hospitalized or worse, die.

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Q: What do people suffering from anorexia do or eat when they get hungry?
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What can you do if you are suffering from anorexia?

Eat lots of food.

What do anerexic people eat for breakfast in the UK?

It is not possible to provide an accurate answer that applies to "anorexic people in the UK." Each individual patient suffering from the disease known as "anorexia" will be unique.

What effect does anorexia have on the stomach?

it has pain you need to eat and! $*#& you if you make fun of the people who have anorexia! shame on you!

What is buliamarexia?

Presumably when you say "buliamarexia" you are referring to Bulimia and Anorexia These are two common eating disorders and are not a single item. Anorexia nervosa (anorexia) is commonly where the person suffering from this disorder does not eat. Bulimia nervosa (bulimia) is commonly where the person suffering from this disorder overeats (eats a lot) and then purges themselves (makes themselves sick).

What are eating disordres?

People that don't eat (Anorexia) or people that eat & purge (throw up)- (Bulimia)

What will a person with a eating disorder be called?

it depends, it could be called anorexia if they don't eat at all or bulimic if they eat and then vomit. the definition of anorexia is slightly wrong though .... generly people that suffer from anorexia do eat! but what happens is they starve themselves for a few weeks and then every so often they will binge eat and the vomit after, this is the true definition of anorexia but it is possible that some people do not eat at all.

Can chickens eat people?

only when they are hungry

Why do people eat seahorses?

because they get hungry

Why do people eat napkins?

Because they are hungry

When do Jewish people eat?

The Jewish religion does not dictate when Jewish people eat. They eat when they are hungry.

People who believe they are overweight and refuse to eat?

Anorexics (anorexia nervosa)

What severe eating disorder causes people to refuse to eat?


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