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Some people believe GMO foods are an advance of food science and have a positive effect on how crops can be grown and survive. Some have no opinion; to them food is food. Others would have liked for more caution to have used before the modifications were released into the environment and wanted GMO foods labeled from the start. Some do not want to eat GMO foods, and those are turning to organically grown foods. Others recognize that cross pollination of GMO crops with non-GMO and organically grown crops will eventually eliminate the choice to eat non-GMO foods, or at least species that have been genetically modified, like corn, soy, canola, papayas, etc.

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Q: What do people think of genetically modified food?
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Why are people so concerned about genetically modified food?

People are concerned about this because genetically modified food is not natural food. It was genetically modified by a human or a machine. In either case, man made machine, and man isn't perfect. So, because of that, people are so concerned.

Can organic food be genetically modified?

If it is genetically modified then it is not an organic food. Organic food is naturally grown.

What can happen if you eat food that's not been genetically modified?

death. Nothing, food that hasn't been genetically modified is natural food. The kind of food people have been eating for thousands of years. Something is more likely to happen to you if you eat genetically modified food.

What percentage of people eat Genetically modified food in 2012?


Why do you need genetically modified food?

There is a lot of talk about how genetically modified food is needed, but no real evidence that it is needed.

What action has been taken to try and prevent genetically modified food technology developing?

No movement to try to prevent the development of genetically modified food technology is known. There are; however, people who choose not to eat food that is known to be genetically modified, due to questions about the health and environmental effects of genetically modifying plants used for food.

Animals have been genetically engineered to produce what?

Animals have been genetically engineered to produce more food. Food that is genetically modified is referred to as a GMO or Genetically Modified Organism.

What are genetically modified food and organic food?

for a diet

Do people urgently need genetically modified food regardless what some scientists say about its harmful effects?

No, people do not urgently need genetically modified food, especially since some scientists question its safety.

What are harmful effect of genetically modified food to health?

The harmful effects of the genetically modified food to health is that they contain cancerous cells.

How have apples been genetically modified food?

Apples have been genetically modified to prevent growing when they are cut.

Is organic food biotechnology?

No, growing food organically has no connection to biotechnology. Biotechnology produces food that is genetically modified. Organic foods are not genetically modified.

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