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Mainly medium sized birds like pigeons, grouse, ducks.

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Do peregine falcons eat plants?

No. they eat meat all the time

Do peregine falcons migrate?

no they are loaners i guess

Where do peregine falcons get water?

they get their water from a near by stream

Where do peregine falcons live?

it goes as fast as yo mama on a horse!

What kind of wildlife is there in Italy?

Goats, Bears, Butterflies, Woodpeckers, Eagles, Peregine falcons

Are peregine falcons amiphibians?

Amphibian refers to frogs, salamanders, etc., animals that can live on both land and in water. A peregrine falcon is a bird. So no, peregrine falcons are not amphibians.

Can hawks fly 165 mph?

Some falcons, like the peregine, can dive at that speed or greater, but don't approach that velocity in normal straight ahead flight.

What is the main threats to the galahs?

Main threats and enemies of the galah bird are Peregine Falcons, Wedgetailed Eagles, Feral cats, birds of prey, Gonnas and snakes.

Do falcons eat pigeons?

yes; falcons do eat pigeons

What eats a falcons?

monkeys eat falcons

Do falcons eat crows?

falcons do not eat crows it is unnatural for a falcon to eat a crow which they don't

What do falcons eat?

Falcons eat live animals and raw meat.Falcons eat mice smaller birds and raw meatFalcons will eat small birds ,and Rodents, When falcons is young they will learn to hunt by going after dragonflies and other large bugs .They will also eat raw meat.

Do peregen falcons eat other falcons?

I doubt it

What do pergrine falcons eat?

Peregrine falcons eat small ducks and pigeons some even eat chicks

Do falcons eat cats?

Falcons do not typically eat cats nor can they lift a cat as it weighs more then them.

What eat falcons?


Do falcons eat seagulls?


Do falcons eat thrush?


Do falcons eat Cheese?


Do falcons eat budgerigar?


What do Merlin falcons eat?

Merlin falcons usually eat other small birds or any kind of rodent

Do falcons eat caterpillars?

Yes, falcons could eat caterpillars, but this is not a preferred part of their diet. Falcons prefer to consume larger prey like small animals.

Do falcons eat fish?

Falcons are part of the raptor family. They mainly eat other birds, but have been known to eat fish as well.

Why hawk can eat peregrine falcon?

The hawk, as well as other raptor including the peregine falcon, eat other birds, small mammals, and large insects.

Do owls eat falcons?

Yes, the Great Horned Owl preys upon falcons.