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Plankton are a diverse group of organisms that flow with the ocean currents. They include drifting or floating bacteria, archaea, algae, protozoa, jellyfish, copepods, salps, sea urchin larvae, starfish larvae, and fish larvae.

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What does a plankton look like?

a stick

Is a viperfish a plankton?

No the viperfish is not a planton does it look like plankton? It is a fish that's why its called viperFISH!

How are zebra and plankton similar?

look like yo ma

How do the sand lancets adapt their behavior to movements of plankton and the tides?

does it look like i know or what

How plankton looks like?

Like any other plankton looks like duhhh!!!!!

What does plankton look like?

It looks like a very small shrimp. Check the 'Related Links' below for pictures.

What does a plankton dragon egg look like in DragonVale?

There isn't a plankton dragon, but there is a seaweed dragon. The seaweed dragon egg is blue and green with vertical wavy lines.

Do SpongeBob and plankton look alike?

no. plankton is small and geen and spongebob is a square and a sponge

How do you draw a plankton?

There are many kinds of plankton, and they all look different. There is a link below to the Kikipedia article on plankton. It has a number of pictures.

Can you show I a plankton?

I want to see what a plankton looks like

What does a phytoplankton look like?

AnswerPlankton that is a plant that can live in the ocean. For images, consult the related links below.

What does a basking shark look like?

It's like a whale a little because they both open their huge mouths to eat plankton.

What does zooplankton look like?

AnswerThese are microscopic organisms, similar to phytoplankton, who consume other plankton and digest waste. Some look like microscopic shrimp and others may look like tiny floating insects, depending on the type.

What are facts about plankton fish?

look at wikipedia

What does plankton eat?

Plankton eats small microscopic organisms.AnswerIt depends on the type of plankton, like zoo plankton eats phytoplankton because it is smaller.Bacteria

How does Natural Gas look like?

Natural Gas started out like tiny plants animals called it plankton, it lived in ancient lakes and seas millions of years ago. The "plankton" died sank to the bottom of the seas and lakes and it was buried in the sand and mud. Millions of years, bacteria, heat and pressure changed the plankton into natural gas!

How does plankton grow?

like poo....

What do brine shrimp like to eat?

Plankton. Algae. Not plankton! Any species of algae and yeast.

What do seahorses like?

Seahorses like to eat small fish, small shrimp, plankton and other small creatures. small fish, small shrimp, and plankton. mall fish, small shrimp, and plankton.

Why do plankton float?

Anything, like plankton, that is less dense than the surrounding water cam float.

What is this brown stuff you found in the mussel?

The "brown stuff" you are talking about is more like a dark green look but, it is plankton and is perfectly fine to eat.

Is plankton benthos plankton or nekton?

Plankton are plankton.

From where does plankton get food?

Plankton usually eats other plankton, by rapidly ingesting other plankton that are smaller than themselves. Herbivorous plankton ingest (with their mouth) individual alga particles and other types of algae-like small plantasiac creatures. Phytoplankton, another type of plankton uses the sun to get their food.

Do plankton eat sea weed?

Plankton eat a variety of different things. They eat everything from algae to seaweed to bacteria. Then, animals like whales eat the plankton.

What did plankton eat?

They CURRENTLY eat the sun (look up photosynthesis).

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