What do power bracelets do?

Power bracelets are awesome! I have one and i love it! A power bracelet gives you better balance. They are also believed to make you stronger and bettter at sports. I play a lot of sports and i think it helps me. They also though did a test on the power bracelet and it didnt work any better than a plain plastic rubber bracelet that you can get anywhere for fifty cents. A power bracelet only works if you really think that it works. For me, i believe it works and it does. You can get power bracelets at places like Dicks, and Soccer Village etc. Power bracelets are usually around thirty dollars. They come in a lot of different colors like black, yellow, light blue, blue, pink, yellow etc. They also come in sizes extra small (great for kids) small (great for older kids) medium (great for adult females) large (great for adult men) and extra large (great for older people like grandpas) Power bracelets are awesome bracelets! Hope this helps you!

Trip says power bracelets make you look like a sheep.