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What do prairie dogs eat?

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Prairie dogs feed on leaves, grasses and grass roots, weeds, seeds and other plants (including crops like alfalfa and corn). They also eat grasshoppers, cutworms, bug and beetles.

The prairie dog lives in the grassland biome in North American prairie and grassland where there are three distinct areas of prairie - Tallgrass prairie, Mixed-grass prairie and Shortgrass prairie. In the United States, the greatest stretch of grassland is the prairie, extending from the Appalachians in the East to the Rocky Mountains in the West. Being in the center of the North American land mass, far from the moderating influence of major bodies of water, there is a great range of annual temperature.The dominant vegetation in these biotic communities is blue grama, mixed with galleta grass, Indian rice grass, and other grasses.

Prairedogs eat vegetables Such as raw sweet potatoes, brocolley,carrots,ferrot pellets and Timothy hay. Never give them anything with alfalfa in it it could kill the little fellers and we dont want that. Just be sure they can get a lot of excersize to run all that food off.

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Do prairie dogs eat grasshoppers?

Yes, prairie dogs eat grasshoppers.

Do wolves eat prairie dogs?

yes wolves eat prairie dogs. wolves eat anything that is small.

Are prairie dogs herbivores?

Prairie dogs are definitely herbivores. They do not eat meat.

Do prairie dogs have teeth or fangs?

Prairie dogs have teeth that are very sharp to eat the strong plants in the Prairie.

Do parire dogs eat rattlesnakes?

No, but rattlers eat prairie dogs.

Do owls live in the prairie?

yes they do, they eat prairie dogs!

Do cheetahs eat prairie dogs?

No, prairie dogs are found in America, Cheetah are found in Africa.

Do prairie dogs eat their baby?

no they do not

Are prairie dogs and wolves the same?

No, prairie dogs are squirrels that eat vegetation. Wolves are canines that eat primarily other animals.

Do foxes eat prairie dogs or ferrets?

Foxes prey on prairie dogs and black footed ferret and will eat them

What does praire dogs eat?

Prairie dogs are herbivorous in that they will eat herbs (and some insects) .

Do praire dogs eat ground squirrels?

No prairie dogs do not eat ground squirrels.

Do prairie dogs eat meat?

No, Prairie dogs are herbivores. Actually, prairie dogs are omnivores. They will eat bugs, worms, eggs (usually a sparrow's egg.) And if need be, they are also canibles. They will kill any Prairie Dog who tries to hook up with their females..

Do coyotes eat prairie dogs?

If they can catch them, they certainly do eat them.

Do prairie dogs eat snakes?


What do Mexican prairie dogs eat?


Do lined snakes eat prairie dogs?


What are the main differences between prairie dogs and domestic dogs?

Prairie dogs are rodents - they have chisel-shaped teeth and eat plants. They also live in burrows.True dogs are canines - they have pointed teeth to eat meat and live on top of the ground.

What do new born prairie dogs eat?

Newborn prairie dogs are nursed with milk. Once they are old enough to be weaned, they eat insects and seeds, and worms.

What eat prairie dogs?

hawks, ferrets, and badgers

What kind of grass does a prairie dogs eat?


What do Black tip Prairie dogs eat?


Can you eat a prairie dog?

Yes you could eat a prairie dog. Most animals are edibal. Prairie dogs probably wouldn't be something you would like to eat though.

Are blacktailed prairie dogs herbivores?

Prairie dogs primarily eat plants, such as grasses, thistles, etc. However, they do occasionally eat grasshoppers and cutworms. Hence, they are omnivores.

What do prairie dogs eat in the grassland?

Prairie dogs are mainly herbivorous, that means they eat plants. Their main diet is grass and seeds. But they will also supplement their diet with insects.