Prairie Dogs

What do prairie dogs eat?

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Prairie dogs feed on leaves, grasses and grass roots, weeds,

seeds and other plants (including crops like alfalfa and corn).

They also eat grasshoppers, cutworms, bug and beetles.

The prairie dog lives in the grassland biome in North

American prairie and grassland where there are three distinct areas

of prairie - Tallgrass prairie, Mixed-grass prairie and Shortgrass

prairie. In the United States, the greatest stretch of

grassland is the prairie, extending from the Appalachians in the

East to the Rocky Mountains in the West. Being in the center of the

North American land mass, far from the moderating influence of

major bodies of water, there is a great range of annual

temperature.The dominant vegetation in these biotic communities is

blue grama, mixed with galleta grass, Indian rice grass, and other


Prairedogs eat vegetables Such as raw sweet potatoes,

brocolley,carrots,ferrot pellets and Timothy hay. Never give them

anything with alfalfa in it it could kill the little fellers and we

dont want that. Just be sure they can get a lot of excersize to run

all that food off.

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