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Reindeers get Santa Claus/Father Christmas as far as Australia, then the boomers (large male kangaroos) take over for the Australian run.

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Q: What do reindeer have to do with Christmas in Australia?
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What does Australia use instead of reindeer for Christmas time?

Australians use kangaroos instead of reindeer at Christmas.

What does Austraia use instead of reindeer for Christmas time?

When Santa gets to Australia, he gives the reindeer a rest and uses kangaroos.

What rhymes with reindeer that has something to do with christmas?

There is no perfect rhyme for reindeer that is one word and has to do with Christmas. With two words you could do Christmas cheer.

What is the reindeer song for Christmas?

rudoff the red nose reindeer

What are reiendere called in Australia?

If you mean reindeer, then Australians call them reindeer. They are not native animals in Australia.

Which reindeer is left out of The Night Before Christmas?

The reindeer that is left out of "The Night Before Christmas" is Rudolph. Rudolph was not introduced until the 1939 poem "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" by Robert L. May.

How do you get reindeer to go?

if your referring to reindeer's that pull a sleigh, its the Christmas spirit or its either 'magic' reindeer dust.

What is the Christmas film with a talking reindeer?

Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer is the obvious answer

Is reindeer a Christmas symbol?


What is Santa's sleigh pulled by in Australia?

Santa gets to Australia via reindeer. However, once here, his reindeer really are just not up to handling the heat (Christmas is in mid-summer in Australia). So, according to an old Rolf Harris song, he uses "Six white boomers", i.e. large male kangaroos.

How do you say reindeer in Australia?

Australians, should they choose (for some reason) to refer to reindeer, call them reindeer.

Where can I find reindeer themed decorations?

Reindeer are a popular decoration for Christmas so there are many stores that carry reindeer during the Christmas season. Try stores such as Target and Michael's. Online sources are numerous. You can check out Reindeer Decoarations website that offers a huge assortment of reindeer decorations.