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Q: What do river otters do?
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Do river otters have teeth?

yes river otters do have teeth

Are spotted-necked otters river otters?

Yes, it is a river otter. Sea otters are fatter and are flufflier

Do people eat river otters?

No, people do not eat river otters... but they do eat the fosh that the otters eat :-).

When was Missouri River Otters created?

Missouri River Otters was created in 1999.

When did Missouri River Otters end?

Missouri River Otters ended in 2006.

Why do people hunt river otters?

River otters are hunted for their valuable fur.

Does river otters like to be in a community?

There are many types of river otters, and some are social while others are not. The Giant River Otter from the Amazon lives in packs, as do North American river otters, female Southern river otters, (males are solitary). The European river otter is extremely territorial.

How big do river otters get?

river otters can grow to about 3 and a half to 4 feet !

What are some of the differences between river otters and the weasle?

web feet and river otters are bigger

Do river otters eat snakes?

River otters do eat snakes but, only small snakes

Where do you find river otters?

you can find river otters in zoos,tennes,and other place if rivers

What are predators to the clam?

mostly river otters, sea otters and other types of otters.

Do otters eat snakes?

River otters do. But most otters eat small snakes.

Do otters live by the Tiber River?

Yes. Otters do live in the tiber river. I have seen a few myself.

Do otters live in fresh water?

There are both freshwater (river otters) and salt water otters.

What are river otters habitats?

river otters live in lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks and most wet places. Thanks for asking now you got a answer have fun studying river otters my favorite animal

What kinds of otters are there?

There are sea otters and other otters. In the category of "other" otters, you can include the North American River Otter, Giant Otter of South America, Asian small clawed otters, Congo clawless otters, Capr clawless otters, Southern river otters, hairy nosed otters, spot necked otters, neo tropical long tailed otters, and others I may fail to mention.

Are there river otters in the Nanticoke river?


How many otters are left?

There is about 500 to 1000 river otters left.

Do river otters sleep at night?

yes otters do sleep at night

Are otters the cutest river animal in the world?

Yes I think otters are the most cutest river animal in the world but that is an opinion

What type of home do river otters live in?

River otters live in dens near river banks with an under water entrance and a breathing spot on top.

Is the river otters in danger?

it is in danger because wolves,grizzly and black bears eat river otters not any other otter only a RIVER OTTER.OK

Where do river otters nest?

Otters live in water, in dens or nests. In winter, when an otter's den or nest freezes over, the otter will look for a new river to live in. P.S. Otters nest's live on top of water or along river banks.

What are facts about river otters?

they like to swim in a river.