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they eat compost.

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What kinds of vegetables do rolly pollies eat?

rolly pollies eat lettuce

Can a chicken eat rolly pollies?


Do crickets eat rolly pollies?


What do fire bellied toads eat that you can catch?

they can eat rolly pollies

Do rolly pollies eat ants?

No not from what I've read if I remember they are herbivores

Do spiders eat rolly pollies?

Yes, they do.

Where do rolly pollies come from?

rollie pollies come from underground.

What is the real name for rolly-pollies?

pill bugs

Are Rolly Pollies a insect?

No they are not. Insects have 6 legs and rolly pollies have 14 legs (7 on each pair)

What do rolly pollies eat and drink?

they eat vegetables and drink h20

Do rolly pollies like being in the dark?

Rolly Pollies generally live in and eat rotting vegetable matter and live in the dark. Whether or not they "like" darkness as opposed to being adapted to darkness is an unknown.

What eats rolly-pollies?

Mostly shrews and small mammals

Are rolly pollies decomposers or consumers?

a rolly polly is a decomposer not a comsumer

Where can you find rolly pollies?


Can rolly pollies hurt you?

No- harmless.

Do rolly pollies sleep?


Do rolly pollies bathe?


When do rolly pollies come out?

in the begining of spring

Are armadillos related to rolly-pollies?

Not in the slightest, teensy-weensiest, microscopic way.

Do rolly pollies nap?

Rollie pollies may nap. it is certain that they sleep though

What do rolly pollies use there antenna for?

Rolly pollies use their antennas for feeling their way around nature. They also use them to locate their food sources.

Scientific name for rolly polly?

The scientific name for rolly pollies is Pocellio scaber

What is the scientific name for a rolly polly?

The scientific name for rolly pollies is Armadillidium vulgare.

Do rolly pollies have a mating season?

They do not. They just find a rolly polly they love and mate.

How long do rolly pollys live?

Rolly-Pollies live up to 2 years.