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Salt and water are both found in the different oceans around the world. The oceans in the U.S. are the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.

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How do you separate common salt from the mixture of common salt and water?

By evaporation of the water and crystallization of the salt.

What is the water common salt water fish?

the most common salt water fish is sardines

How do we separate iodine and common salt?

Common salt is soluble in water.

Do salt and water mix?

Yes. Salt (at least common table salt) is water soluble.

What is a common compound?

salt, or waterwater

What is the most common salt water taffy flavor?

salt water taffy

When salt crystals are added to water what happens?

Salt, common salt sodium chloride dissolves in water.

Is salt water and acid or a base?

If the salt is common table salt then it is neutral.

What do these three words have in common salt melon white?

The answer is water Salt water Water melon White water

What plant live in salt water?

Many plants live in Salt or Salty water.The most common example is seaweed. Other common plants are salt water mangroves. Algae are another large species of salt water plants.

What water is most common on earth?

salt water

What are the common compounds?

salt or water

Is the common salt ocean water?


Common table salt is formed when ocean water?

Common table salt is formed when ocean water evaporates. This salt is most easily collected when salt water is left to evaporate in a bowl-like container with an open top.

Chemical name for salt water?

Salt water usually refers to a a solution of common salt, sodium chloride, NaCl.

Where is common salt found?

- in mines (salt domes) - in sea water

How you separate common salt and aluminium fillings?

Use water to dissolve the salt. Filter to seperate the aluminum. Evaporate the water to get the salt.

What do fresh and salt waters have in common?

They are water

What is the most common solution?

Salt water

What do antacids compound have in common?

salt or water

What common solids dissolve in water?


What is the common name for sodium chloride?

"Table salt" (or edible salt, common salt, rock salt, halite) or "brine" if it is dissolved in water.

What is the producy of neutralization?

Salt and water neutralization water is a common product..salt formed will be from acid used

What one word do these 3 words have in common salt melon and white?

Water. Salt Water, Watermelon, White water

Is common salt an acidic salt?

The sodium chloride water solution is neutral.