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Q: What do scientist do in scientific inquiry?
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How do the scientist study nature?

Scientific Inquiry

How do scientist study natural world?

Scientific Inquiry

Scientist seek to answer questions about the natural world in a process called what?

Scientific inquiry

What does inquiries mean?

An inquiry is a question you have about something. If you inquire about a topic, such as you did on this website, your question is an inquiry. Another example is a scientific inquiry- a scientist has a question about something, so they use an inquiry tool (such as a thermometer, scale, etc.) to answer their question.

What are 4 qualities a scientist must posses for scientific inquiry?

Reasoning Creativity Skeptical Openness

When do scientist use scientific inquiry?

when scientist go out on the field and in the lab that doesnt mean they allways use i, i means jus they use it alot.

After the scientist makes a hypothesis they perform a to collect data?

the answer is the scientist designs a scientific inquiry

How is science a process of inquiry?

The way that science has developed is that a scientist observes something for which he or she does not have an explanation, and then attempts to learn more about it, through the application of the scientific method. That is an inquiry.

Who does scientific inquiry?

Scientists do scientific inquiry.

What are the basic steps that scientist use to conduct a scientific investigation?

The scientific method of inquiry has three basic steps: Observe Question/hypothesize Experiment.

Scientific inquiry begins with what?

Scientific inquiry begins with safety.

What does scientist gather knowledge from?

Scientific inquiry is collecting resources that will help support you hypothesis. Credibility of the resources mentioned in the research is very important so inquiry should be taken very seriously and materials should be related to your specific objective. Field trips can also be taken as a part of scientific inquiry.