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Scientists then state another hypothesis and test it out with another experiment.

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Q: What do scientist do when a hypothesis is not supported by an experiment?
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What options does a scientist have if experiment does not support hypothesis?

a scientist can do another experiment or change their hypothesis.

To test a hypothesis a scientist designs?

To test a hypothesis a scientist designs an experiment

After the scientist makes a hypothesis they perform a to collect data?

A scientist will conduct an experiment to collect data on a hypothesis.

What comes after forming a working hypothesis?

- design an experiment to test for the prediction and hypothesis - perform the experiment - hypothesis not supported - design new experiment - hypothesis supported - confirmation by many experiments - theory - model - research etc

What does a scientist do if a hypothesis is supported?

it is better at their work

Should the hypothesis be supported or rejected based on the experiment?

That depends on the result of the experiment. The experiment is a way to test a hypothesis, and it's completely fine if the experiment disproves the hypothesis. Ideally, though, the experiment will support the hypothesis.

When a scientist finds that a hypothesis is wrong the scientist usually?

A hypothesis doesn't necessarily need to be correct. After a scientist has conducted an experiment and discovered that their hypothesis is incorrect, they still have gained the knowledge and the results from their experiment---as well as the correct answer, in some cases. They can use the results from the experiment that tested the original hypothesis to form a new experiment.

What would a scientist next steps be if his or her data supported his or her hypothesis?

If their data supported their hypothesis, then they would make a conclusion.

What is a scientists hypothesis?

A scientist's hypothesis is a intelligent guess as to what will happen in a certain experiment

What do scientists design to test a hypothesis?

a scientist designs a experiment to test a hypothesis

What should a scientist do if a hypothesis is not supported?

If I was the scientist you would test is as soon as possible then just skip the hypothesis step

What does a scientist do if hypothsis is not supported?

make a new hypothesis. if not the scientist continues believing in their hypothesis without any proof and becomes a mad scientist

What does it mean when a scientist fails to reject a hypothesis?

It means that the experiment is consistent with the hypothesis. It adds to the credibility of the hypothesis.

What do scientist do after they analyze results of experiments?

they see if it supported their hypothesis

Could you provide a sentence for Hypothesis?

The Scientist gave a very strong Hypothesis on his experiment

If an experiment does not support the hypothesis what is the next step for scientist?

You redo the experiment a few times and if the result are the same, your hypothesis was incorrect.

Why can a supported hypothesis not be called a theory?

A hypothesis cannot be call a theory because,it has not supported a prediction even in the face of several experiment.

After the scientist makes a hypothesis they perform an what to collect data?

An experiment.

After the scientist makes a hypothesis they perform what to collect the data?

An experiment

In any good experiment the scientist needs to?

Study his hypothesis

In any good experiment the scientist needs to what the hypothesis?


When scientific method does a scientist test a hypothesis?

during an experiment

What is formulating hypothesis?

step in scientific method of experiment in sciencecan help a scientist on his experiment.

What happens in an experiment when the data does not support your hypothesis?

You need to rethink your hypothesis so it is supported by the data.

When in a science inquiry would scientists find out if their hypothesis is supported?

When their hypothesis for the conducted experiment is accurate.