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What do scientists believe happened to Uranus?


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They believe that Uranus some how got tipped over by something, so now it spins weird. I disagree though. Since Uranus is a gas planet then how could it be tipped over on to its side? It would just go through it, right? But then comes the question of how could it go through it cause of its high winds? Well the "something" would just take anouther course, right? Some of these question i guess we'll never know.


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Scientists believe that there might be a huge ocean on Uranus.

Scientists have no current reason to believe that the planet Uranus will explode.

i think there isn't because of Uranus' atmosphere but scientists believe that deep in Uranus' atmosphere there is land

Scientists believe that the weather and it's orbiting around the sun caused it's strange tilt.

In fact, scientists believe that the surface of Uranus is covered with a giant 'ocean', thought to have been 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. ;D

Scientists believe that while the universe was forming, the asteroids were just forming the asteroid belt when suddenly, an asteroid smacked into Uranus, tilting it on its side.

Uranus happened to be so cold that if you stood on Uranus you would DIE!!!THAT IS PRETTY COLD!!!

Most scientists think it happened when a meteor hit the Earth. Some have evolved into birds.

Scientists thought that an asteroid or satellite hit Uranus with a enormous impact that caused Uranus to tip on a 970 angle.

Uranus has around 15 moons in orbit, but scientists believe there may be more, smaller satellites they haven't discovered yet. Only one spacecraft has ever been to the planet.

It is considered a sideways planet because it is said to spin "sideways" on its axis. Scientists believe other planets, and space objects bumped into Uranus, causing it to tilt

Uranus was discovered by Sir William Herschel in 1781.

False. Scientists once believed Pluto to be a former moon of Neptune.

Their environment changed and they could no longer survive.

Scientists say that Uranus is a 'tipped over' because it may have been tipped over by a collision with a massive object.

Because its flyby, the Miranda's southern hemisphere pointed towards the sun.

The planet Uranus has 20 moons that scientist are currently aware of.

What actually happened was the Titanic hit an iceberg which made it sink.

Operation Uranus happened on 1942-11-23.

Yes, they probably do. The "blue planets" are Earth, Uranus and Neptune. However, in the case of Uranus and Neptune the blue color is nothing to do with water. It is caused by methane in the atmosphere. Scientists believe Uranus and Neptune probably have water in some form, deep inside them.

Because a planets atmosphere was pulling Uranus and that was Neptune.

99% of scientists believe in evolution

Carbon dioxide has been discovered on Titania, which is the largest of Uranus' eight moons, but only a tiny amount of carbon dioxide has been found on Uranus, and only in the upper atmosphere. Scientists believe it can only have come from an external source, like meteors or comet debris.

They learned that how Uranus can be hot cold and so on about the mass. Also their perdict from Uranus to Earth was way off. They didn't know how long it would be.

I believe it can because Uranus is slightly smaller than Neptune.

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