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Their eyes

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What do scientists use microscopes for?

so scientists can detect smaller objects to study

How did people detect volcanoes in the past?

by getting scientists to use their technology to determine what age it is

What would you use particle model for?

Scientists use it to show the forms of gases, liquids and solids.

What things can be used to detect invisible forms of electromagnetic radiation?

Different devices are used to detect different frequency ranges of electromagnetic waves. You simply can't use the same device to detect x-rays, than you would use to detect radio waves, for example.

Why do scientists not need to have perfect pitch in order to analyze sounds?

Scientists do not need perfect pitch to analyse sounds because they use instruments to detect and assess the noise.

What do scientists often do to organize and summarize their data?

Scientists organize their data in the forms of tables and graphs. They use statistics to analyze their results.

What do people use to measure earthquakes?

Scientists use a recording instrument called a seismograph to detect ground motions caused by seismic waves from earthquakes.

How do environmental scientists use technology to track the invasive species silver carp?

they use gel electrophoresis too detect the presence of carp DNA

What term do scientists use to describe all the different forms of life on earth?

Biodiversity ; Gradpoint .

How do scientists study the inside of the earth?

Scientists use sound waves to detect what is inside earth. By sending waves down we can study not only the earths structure but also weather its liquid or solid

What are two methods scientists use to detect changes in a volcanos slope?

they study gasses and look for changes in the volcanoes shape. HOPE I HELPED :D

Why do scientists conduct radar surveys of archaeological sites?

They use "ground penetrating radar". This can detect artifacts and walls, etc. It helps to decide where to dig.

Do scientists use major changes in life forms in the fossil record to form the geologic time scale?


How can you use a spectrometer to detect black holes?

You can't use spectrometers to detect black holes. Telescopes are the only way to detect them.

By which professions was the geological time scale used by?

The geological time scale was used by professions such as scientists. Scientists use this to record important life events and life forms. These are very important to humans.

What is the name of the tool scientists use to describe the age of the earth and all of its life forms?

But isn't that what you're suppose to tell me eh?! he-he

What is the term use for a tornado like column of air that draws water from the surface of an ocean or lake?

This is called a waterspout

What do scientists use to measure earthquakes?

Scientists use seismographs.

Do scientists use algebra?

yes.Yup. Scientists use algebra all the time, no question. Even biologists.

What units of measurements do scientists use?

Scientists use the SI unit

Why do scientists use graphs?

Scientists use graphs to organize data.

how do scientists determine earthquake location and how do they use this information?

Scientists use devices called Seismographs to determine the epicenter of an earthquake. If 3 or more seismographs detect an earthquake, seismic wave activity can be measured and quantified and then cross-referenced with other data (the primary and secondary seismic waves) to determine the earthquake's location.

What do scientists use?

Scientists use a generalized protocol known as the scientific method.

What unit of measurement do scientists use?

most scientists use metric measurements.

What is the use of thermopile?

to detect radiation