What do sea turtles smell like?

Updated: 11/16/2022
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Sea turtles smell like Love Spell and babies

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Q: What do sea turtles smell like?
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Describe a sea turtles hearing eyesinht and sense of smell?


Are Sea turtles like other turtles?

Yes but sea turtles don't come out of the water like most turtles

How male sea turtles get girl sea turtles to like them?

guy turtles get girl sea turtles by biting their viginas and suck their penisas

How does the sea turtle's nose work?

Sea turtles do not have a very good sense of smell. Their eyes and ears mostly do all the work. Sea turtles have 3 ears though, 2 regular ears like you and I, but have 1 ear on their nose. A sea turtles eyes are open when they are a little hatchling, but cant see straight for a few hours.

Do turtles stink?

Turtles will often smell like their food and environment. So if you find a turtle that was just eating earthworms and lived in a swamp, he/she would probably smell quite...interesting. A few species of turtles, known as "musk turtles' also have the ability to secrete a distinct odor.

What do Green Sea Turtles like to do?

Green sea turtles appear to look like a land turtle. They can camoflage into their environment too.

Do sea turtles have exoskeletons?

No, sea turtles have skeletons just like you do; but they have an armored shell on top for protection.

Who are sea turtles friends?

Sea Turtles are the outcasts of the ocean. They are like meg griffin. No-body likes them.

Do painted turtles smell?

like a rotten sham poo

Do Turtles release fumes?

No they don't smell like anything

How much teeth do giant sea turtles have?

Sea Turtles and Tortoises have no teeth, just a beak-like mouth.

What guides the sea turtles to water?

Light, like that of a full moon so the sea turtles can find the ocean.