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Q: What do seeing different birds on the morning of your wedding day mean?
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What sings in the morning?


Do birds beaks knock on glass?

Yes Birds are territorial and will notice a reflection in the glass. Not understanding they are seeing themselves, they will peck at the "intruder" and try to get it to fly away. Also, bugs tend to gather against glass at night when the lights are on. This results in birds gathering the next morning to get an easy breakfast from the bugs that remain on the glass.

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What does seeing birds of prey mean?

It means instant death

How much do morning birds weigh?

Unless the name is a local one, there is no such thing as a morning bird.

Why are you seeing birds that are not there?

You may have heptokilinides which is a type of hallucinations where you only see birds such as ducks, chickens, eagles. ect.

What is it called when native birds wake you up in the morning?

its called

How do you use hear in a sentence?

I can HEAR the birds every morning

Why birds fly east to west at morning?

Its because of the sun

How are crayfish and birds different?

They are different because crayfish have pincers but birds do not.