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Waking you up sometimes

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Q: Two birds were by your window this morning what does that mean?
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You had a bird hit the window of your house it flew away Two days later a bird hit the car windshield in front of where you were sitting what does this mean?

Birds are stupid.

How do you stop birds coming to your windows?

Do you mean "coming to" or "coming through"? If you mean "coming to your windows" then you probably mean the pecking behavior that territorial birds exhibit when they confuse their reflection in the window as an adversary. In this case, you need to make it so the bird doesn't see its own reflection in the window. I'm sure you can think of some ways to do that. If you mean "coming through your open windows" then the only effective way to stop birds from flying through an open window is to close the window or install a screen (which also deters insects from invading). If you mean "flying into your closed window" and this is a common problem, then birds in quick flight incorrectly discern the window to be an open space. (You ever walk into a closed glass/screen door?) Make the window more noticable. One popular technique is to decorate your window with something that can be easily spotted from the outside. If you don't want to decorate your window, try placing items near the windows. This will block the access to the window as well as cause the item to appear in the reflection of the window. A window box with flowers "kills two birds with one stone" in that it is pretty from the inside, and doubly pretty when the window reflects the beautiful flowers.

What does it mean if you see two lovebirds outside your window everyday?

You have left the cage on the window sill

What do you do with the shovel on escape artist?

you have to go into the room with the arch window and get put it to the picture of the women who is cradling two birds and you will find the answer

What does Deux petits oiseaux mean in English?

two little birds

What does two dead red birds on your doorstep mean?

Two dictators will die within a month.

What does it mean when you see A dove with two other birds flyin?

You might get Divorced.

How do you use Throw and threw in a sentence?

Every morning I throw a piece of bread out on the grass for the birds but this morning I was feeling really generous and threw out two pieces

What does son las nueve y siete de la manana mean?

'It's a quarter past two/two fifteen in the morning/a.m.'

What does 2 LDBS on a W mean?

Two little dickie birds sitting on a wall

Do all birds have two legs?

yes all birds have two birds

What does it mean if two doves land on your window sill and stay for a while?

Means nothing. There is no symbolic meaning. They may be building a nest near your window.