Guinea Pigs

What do sick guinea pigs do?


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Sometimes they whine and fall over and die.

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They can be. Its best if you get guinea pigs at a shelter.

no guinea pigscan not eatrosemary itmakes them sick

guinea pigs should not eat human food! it will more than likleymake them sick.

no guinea pigs will choke on nuts and get very sick if they dont choke

Um, they die when they are sick or old. Guinea pigs die because of many causes.

Most vets will take guinea pigs. Look in your phone book.

no, it will make them sick

They can be feeling sick but to my knowlegde they cannot be physically sick. hope this is useful to you!

because the eye is irritated or your guinea pig is sick

You need to take ur guinea pig to the vet when u can.

no but it can make a guinea pig vary sick

not necessarily; if you leave one guinea pig in the cage with the sick guinea pig, the guinea pig that is not sick can get sick; you should separate them just to be safe but if the guinea pigs start to get lonely, put them back together

Guinea pigs should not eat ketchup because it could cause diarea and will make your guinea pig very sick!

No, guinea pigs CANNOT eat fish, they are vegetarians and fish could make them sick and/or kill them

Yes guinea pigs can eat applesauce. In fact people often syringe feed their guinea pigs applesauce after surgery, or when they are sick, to prevent starvation/dehydration.

no but if your allergic to it then yes

yes but they would get sick.

no it will make them sick

If it's sick then yeah.

yes, Guinea pigs make low noises to tell that she/he feels sick

If you are allergic to guinea pigs, you should never ever be near them, because if a sick person is around a guinea pig then that little guinea pig can get very sick.

yes you can. some guinea pigs do not like orange peels though so it depends what your guinea pig chooses but they will not get sick of it.

Yes they can Some guinea pigs have fits from a middle ear infection for water getting into their ears and they can have fits from mites.

yes, guinea pigs can eat cat grass. But don't feed them to much or they could get sick.

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