Intestinal Health

Starting from the bottom of the stomach to the anus, the intestines do the work of absorbing what we eat and putting it to good use. When they are working well, we hardly think about them. When they don't, we have questions. Ask them here.

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Intestinal Health
Medication and Drugs

Does cholestyramine for oral suspension usp treat diarrhea?

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Intestinal Health
Math and Arithmetic

How many times does 12 go into 72?

12 goes into 72 6 times.

Intestinal Health
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Digestive System

How is sucrose hydrolyzed in the body?

You have the enzyme called as sucrase. This enzyme is present in the brush border of the cells from intestine. This enzyme splits one molecule of sucrose into one molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose. This reaction takes place during absorption.

Intestinal Health
Medical Terminology

What does grossly unremarkable mean in medical terms?

It means that viewing the organ/biopsy/structure/whatever with bare eyes (and maybe hands too) didn't reveal anything out of the ordinary. The term "gross" is used in medicine to mean the opposite of "microscopic" (eg, gross anatomy is the study of anatomy at the level of whole organs and muscles, etc., whereas microscopic anatomy uses special instruments to study the cells and tissues that make up organs). "Unremarkable" is usually roughly synonymous with "normal" (eg, a physician's report might say that the head and neck exam was remarkable for swollen nodes, but the abdominal exam was unremarkable because nothing out of the ordinary was observed).

If you read the phrase on a biopsy report, you might consider asking your doctor what exactly that was referring to.
It means that there wasn't anything abnormal found on exam.
Grossly unremarkable means everything looked good during the exam that was done.
It means that there wasn't anything abnormal found on exam.

Intestinal Health

What part of the body does asbestos effect?

Most commonly, the lungs.

Intestinal Health
Herbal Medicine

Side effects of dried cassia roots and leaves?

dried cassia roots and leaves side effects

Intestinal Health
Cell Biology (cytology)

Where does lipid synthesis occur?

Lipid synthesis occurs in the smooth endoplasmic reticulum.

Intestinal Health
Public Health and Safety
Skeletal System

Is the knee distal to the hip?

Yes. Distal means farther from the point of attachment or from the center of the body. So the knee is distal to the hip, and the food would be distal to the knee and so on.

Intestinal Health
Conditions and Diseases

Why do you have diarrhea for more than three days?

You need to limit what you are eating to the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Also, make sure you are drinking lots of fluids. This will help your system catch up and resolve the issue. Then, you can go back to your regular diet.

Intestinal Health
Gastrointestinal Tract

What is erythematous mucosa in the antrum?

Mucosa is the lining of cavities that are exposed to the outside environment, such as the nasal cavities, and internal organs. Antrum is a general term for a cavity or chamber which may have specific meaning in reference to certain organs or sites in the body. Erythematous means unnaturally reddened.

So, erythematous mucosa in the antrum means that the lining at a site in your body is unnaturally reddened.

Eating Disorders
Intestinal Health
Anorexia Nervosa

What do anorexic people do about constipation?

What I have found is a combination of anorexia behaviors (restricting, laxative use, vomiting) have weakened the body's digestive system, and a person's reduced liquid intake makes it worse. Even in recovery, if a person eats less than full amounts advised, the body will not pass a movement. I hope people who understand the disorder and may be going through this or know someone in recovery check with a doctor and nutritionist for help.

Intestinal Health
Digestive System

What is human feces made up of?

It is mostly eliminated waste that is deprived of most nutrients and energy (e.g., protein, fat, vitamins and carbohydrates) that your body has absorbed and used during the digestive process. It is made up of digested and also undigested food with 67% solid material. The other 33-34% is comprised of liquids that have not been absorbed. Some of the solids are also unused fats, undigested food particles, roughage, and fiber.

It has an odor because of the breakdown of the contents (by the natural "good" bacteria in your digestive system which are also present in the feces) which creates organic compounds rich in nitrogen and sulfur and gasses such as hydrogen sulfide, all of which are odorous.

It is usually colored brown because of the bilirubin it contains which is a yellow liquid produced by the body and used in digestion of fats which, when mixed with the iron from foods, other waste materials and the broken down food particles, creates the mostly brown color.

It comes out of your digestive tract after the useful parts have been extracted and it has been moved completely through the bowels with peristaltic action to the rectal area where it can then be evacuated from the anus.

Other terms for feces are poop, excrement, turds, caca, stool, BM, or poo but most of these are crude and some are even considered vulgar.

There can also be "bad" bacteria in feces which is why you are always told to wash your hands after using the restroom.

First Aid
Conditions and Diseases
Intestinal Health
Stomach and Abdominal Pain

What causes pain in the lower left abdomen by hip bone?

In the absence of trauma in that area, and with no fever present, what you're describing sounds like referred pain from a lumbar (lower back) injury, which will frequently seem to present at or near the iliac crest -- the upper ridge of the hip. If there is a fever or this gets worse, you should call your physician for advice at once. If you don't have any history of back injury, or if this persists for a few days, you should consider a call or visit to your physician also. Other possibilities include gastroenteritis, diverticulitis, or diverticulosis. A hernia is also possible, but are usually visible as a swelling in the area. Lymphangitis can also cause swelling in the area, with overlying redness and pain. If you are female, an ovarian process could also be present, such as cysts or ovarian torsion - a true emergency. Hip problems are also known to refer into the abdomen occasionally. Finally, kidney stones can present with pain in the left lower quadrant or flank.

Intestinal Health
Circulatory System

What body system delivers oxygen and nutrients to the tissues?

The circulatory or cardiovascular system delivers oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. Blood is the tissue that transports oxygen and nutrients, and the arteries are the vessels that carry blood loaded with oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues.

Intestinal Health
Human Anatomy and Physiology

What does the appendix do?

Certain evolution-minded people think that it is the remnant of an organ that allowed our ancestors to digest cellulose, enabling them to eat greenery. However, there are several opposing schools of thought regarding this. Recent findings indicate that the appendix is not actually as useless as has been previously thought, and may play an important role in various physiological functions such as the human immune system.

Long ago when food was dirty, the appendix separated dirt from food. Kind of like a filter for the body. Now that our food is clean, it is no longer usable. Some times it may get infected. If that happens, (appendicitis) you must have surgery to get it out before it explodes.

Scientists today do not actually know what the actual function of the appendix even is - some say that it is a vestigial organ, others say that it is an important factor in the immune system, and others say that it can function as a storehouse for helpful bacteria during an illness which kills all the other intestinal bacteria. Because we do not know what the appendix's function really is, this question has no real answer.

the appendix has no use.

You don't need appendix. It is a vestigial structure that only might get in your way if it becomes inflamed.

However, recent research shows that it creates helpful bacteria.

The appendix has been shown in recent years to help produce certain enzymes which can ward off some disease.

Answer 2: Just because we don't know the reason for some feature in an organism does not mean that it doesn't have an important role to play. For example, so called vestigial organs were once thought to show that the human body and other organisms were poorly designed. The appendix and tonsils, for instance, were once thought to be vestigial organs and were removed. But then it was discovered that these organs play a role in the immune system, and they are no longer considered vestigial. (see 9/06 Awake article pg 12 An Interview With a Biochemist on Jehovah's Witness official website)

Conditions and Diseases
Intestinal Health

What is pooh breath a symptom of?

Tossing salads...

Intestinal Health

What is a anal doctor called?

A proctologist is a doctor who specializes anal, rectal, and intestinal disorders.

Intestinal Health

What does blockage of the pancreatic duct cause?

Blockage of the pancreatic duct causes nutrient malabsorption.

Intestinal Health

Is Magnesium Citrate and Fleet Phospho Soda interchangable?

Can Fleet Magnesium Citrate for a Colonoscopy cause Kidney Failure?

Intestinal Health

What causes human feces to appear green?

Human feces (stools) can appear green for a number of reasons:

1. Bile is a thick, greenish liquid that is secreted by your gall bladder to digest fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in your food and is usually broken down before you pass stools. However, if you pass stools rapidly through your intestines, there may not be enough time to break down the bile, so your stools appear green.

2. If you have very loose stools that have a green tinge, you may have a virus. See your doctor if the condition persists.

3. Your stools may be coated with a yellow-green mucus. This can hint at an underlying condition when accompanied by rapid and frequent passing of stools. See your doctor if the condition persists.

4. In babies, greenish tar-like stools (meconium) are common within the first few days after birth. While in the womb, fetuses naturally ingest a thick liquid which comprises waste materials such as mucus and bile.

5. You might have eaten something green, blue, or even purple. A lot of food coloring doesn't digest. When that mixes with the bile pigment, the resulting stools are green.
It means your pregnant.
Green feces is typically caused by ingesting artificial dyes. Grape flavored soft drinks and Popsicle are big culprits in changing the color to a greenish tinge that is not natural.
You ate too much things with Iron in them.

Intestinal Health
Cell Biology (cytology)

Who studies the structure of cells to learn how they function and interact with chemical and physical factors?

A cell biologist.

Intestinal Health
Medical Technologies

What do the marks on nasogastric tube indicate?

The marks are ways for the healthcare provider to measure how far to insert the tube and to monitor that the tube has not moved further down the GI tract or slid out.

Intestinal Health
Medication and Drugs

What is better pepto bismol or tums?

Pepto Bismol is by far better. Some doctors call it a miracle medicine because it can cure so many symptoms.

Intestinal Health
Stomach and Abdominal Pain
Muscular System

What is mucosal inflammation in the antrum with erythema?

Shows there is irritation of the stomach lining.

May be due to drugs (NSAIDs), Helicobacter pylori bacterial infection, smoking, alcohol, spicy foods, stress or a number of other medical causes.

Depending on the cause, your doctor might treat you with acid suppressing medications including omeprazole/lansoprazole/pantoprazole, ranitidine/cimetidine and perhaps some antibiotics if you have a bacterial infection.

Intestinal Health

What is the other name for food pipe?



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